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Kelvar Business Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. Hey, just got a new job working at Australian Institute of Maths, and I have to wear a shirt and tie :( Anyway, its in pymble, so 20-30 minutes from home, depending on how many police are around at the time. So I dont feel very comfortable in flimsy business pants that feel like they'd burn into my leg if I stacked it.

    So are there any kinds of riding pants that look like plain black business pants?

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  3. I got the tan coloured Draggin Chinos with the intention of being able to wear them on the bike and then all day at the office. In reality i agree with nous, they are not as smart looking as i really need so i dont actually wear them much. I now just keep work pants and shoes under my desk and change when i get in.
  4. I had this thought too, but you wouldn't want to wear kevlar pants all day. They are hot and abrasive on your skin when you move around.

    do what I do and get changed at work.
  5. Or just ware a pair of textiles over the top (Dririder Summit 2 for me) you just take the thermal lining out of them and ware em over your work pants.
  6. Hey who said Nerdriders, Australian Institute of Maths indeed! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Change at work mate, your pants will end up stinking of exhaust fumes and sweat. it save a whole lot of pain to leave your dacks at work. :cool:
  7. I'm wearing Draggin Chinos right now - very comfy, warm in winter, but too hot and heavy for summer.
    I agree they are not entirely the style leaders (doesn't matter at my current workplace). Probably better to get some textile overpants, though.
  8. In response to the demand for a subtly understated Kevlar business suit, I understand that Ktulu's accessories company will shortly be releasing this model:


    The camouflage pattern helps you blend perfectly into any work environment. :p

  9. Does it come with a 'backstab' protector?
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  11. i keep a change of pants and shoes at work and change in the server room :LOL:
  12. Hehe thanks for the replies. I'm not sure about changing when I get there, I dont have anywhere there to leave my stuff. Might look into some of these chino things. I don't mind wearing my draggins all day, I often do anyway. The textile business sounds good as well.


    Oh and I'm working at the Institute at maths, but I failed the last 2 uni maths subjects I did :LOL: Haha, I'm in tech support for a tutoring program, so I might learn something! :rofl:
  13. I wear black draggin chinos ever day to work.

    In my office its fairly casual tho. most people wear jeans.

    I wear the chinos cos I visit customers. I do tech support and stuff so its probably different for a salesman where image is more important.

    I find them comfortable enough to wear all day but will be getting cordura overpants next for the armour and rain protection.
  14. jared,

    just adding to the previous responses, but i take a bag to work. you could leave your trousers in your bag, and wear your draggins while your riding. that way you dont have to worry about storage at work.

    i dont bother with kevlars now days when i ride to work. its a risk - but yehh.
  15. I'm in a white collar job and used to do the change at work bit but got sick of the time taken and awkwardness of the changing facilities.

    Got a pair of Draggin chinos which are great. I don't find them a problem for all day wear, even in summer, as long as I'm working predominantly in aircon. The hip armour's a little bulky and I don't generally bother with the knee armour 'cos it's uncomfortable off the bike and a chore to remove and insert.

    They're not Savile Row but nobody's commented adversely in 18 months and two different workplaces. Anyway, at my age, rigid dress codes (for other than sound practical or safety reasons) can get f***ed. Be blatant and you'll usually get away with it.