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Kellie from WA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kellie, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    My name's Kellie, I'm 17 years old and I'm from WA. Just wanted to quickly say "g'day". I've wanted my R-E class license for a long time now and seeing as I got my C class license about 5 months ago I thought it was time!

    I haven't got my Ls yet but I hope to get them next Friday after school. Have a good night.


  2. welcome kellie!
    Ride safe and be safe.
    You'll love it here!
  3. Welcome Kellie :)
  4. Welcome to Netrider Kellie and welcome to riding!!! Stay safe
  5. Welcome Kellie
  6. Ahoi hoi!

    What are those license classes you're describing for us New South Welshmen?
  7. Welcome Kellie :) And yeah - what are those classes? (for us Mexicans)
  8. R class is for open class

    RE is 250 or less for minimum of 12 months

    L's only with an experienced rider over 4 years riding or school
  9. Hey hey Kellie, welcome to the world's best motorcycle forum.....
  10. Welcome Kellie.
  11. What Hornet said, it is the best and may it stay that way for a long long time.

    I'm starting to feel old when new riders are only a couple of years older than my son. :cry:
  12. Morning all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome, much appreciated. The license classes I was rambling on about are:

    C Class - Manual Drivers License
    R-E Class - Restricted 250cc Motorcycle License graduates you to the R Class - Unrestricted Motorcycle License

    Sorry about that. I've gotta go to school so have a good day guys.

  13. Hey, welcome.

    i was the same, kept puting it off. now i regret it, should have gone for it straight up.

    anyway, welcome once again
  14. When did that stop being the "A" class and auto being "E" ???

    Anyway, welcome to the Asylum!
  15. Welcome Kellie, enjoy the forums and enjoy riding.
  16. Hey Kellie

    I'm in perth also maybe we can ride together sometime :wink:
    Looking forward to it.
  17. Sounds good Shniva, I've gotta get my Ls and learn to ride first though! Thanks.

    The license classes have been this way for a little while now. C Class is manual and CA class is automatic.
  18. You and me both :p I'm getting my bike these week maybe and my friend is gunna show me the ropes so to speak. Good fun trying to learn gears in the bush :eek:
  19. Have a good one mate, good luck as well!