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Keeping Up With Jones

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by shovelRob, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. By request, I'll be putting the Keeping Up With Jones comic strip in this thread, hotlinking the RSS image at 600px wide. I'd rather be driving traffic to my site, but my goal right now is to gain readers more than traffic. If you like what you see or, conversely, would like to throw eggs at it, your feedback is welcome here or (better) in the comments for each strip at my site, where the full size strip is available.

    Thanks for the reads and the feedback of all kinds. Any feedback is good feedback. Usually.

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  3. Another LOL, nice work.
  4. now if we could get a mod to move all the other jones threads to this one it would be great....

    no more searching for the jones and no more having to filter out the jones for other threads
  5. hahaha that one was funny.

    and yeah, get a mod to bring all others into this one thread.
  6. 600 pixels wide is too small, i can barely read it, make it 800 pixels wide
  7. he wants you to go to his site...
  8. Posting it at a size you can't read seems disrespectful. I would love to get you all to my site--before I started posting the strip itself I was getting some nice numbers from here.

    I've changed the settings to 700 for the next one. Gotta listen to the readers.


    I had a remark in this post earlier that I edited out. I was sort of casual about something and came off disrespecting Smee without intending to. Honestly I'm glad he brought it to my attention or it may have sat there as it was. I'd like to formally apologize for being careful with my words.

    If you caught it earlier, it was something along the lines of how I felt about being told what to do with my strip, followed by the pity/violin emoticon, which I intended to be aimed at myself for being so sensitive. It is not my policy or intention to step on the courtesy I've been given here, which has included honest and respectful feedback and encouragement that always helps my work improve. Even if I was some kind of comic strip giant (and I ain't holding my breath on that one), there's be no room for rudeness in any of my work. Besides being bad PR and not good for my spiritual well being, how I treat others is pretty important to me.

    Thanks for letting me post here.
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  10. That was good!!!

  11. As opposed to the rest of us who disrespect him intentionally... :)

    Good strip Rob - and worthy of a serious following. They are continuing to improve (not that they were bad to start with)
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  13. I find myself looking forward to the next installment every time a new strip appears...
    Keep 'em coming Rob.
  14. Thanks NiteKreeper. I'm getting a thrill serving them up, too!

    Not to sidetrack the thread, but you can subscribe and get 'em by email by way of Feedburner. Emails include the blog post I write with each as well as the strip. The form is under the strip and to the right on the main page of my site.
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  16. Thanks for posting. Also clicked the link to give you some more traffic.
  17. Thank you, Lucifer! I'm grateful for readers, linked and logged or not!
  18. don't know if it's an american idiom, but is copper chopper the wrong way round? Or is the term for their police bikes? Also, it's pretty cool that Jones can dislocate his shoulders at will. I only know one person who can do that.
  19. I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    I think copper chopper = police bike

    As far as his arm. Meh. Annoying but only because I'm a detail freak. It is a cartoon afterall.
  20. Bastards - I hadn't noticed the arm thing...