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Keeping those flimsy L & P plates attached

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bigchief, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. I got to work a few weeks ago and realised that my 'L-Plates' broke off somewhere on my journey... And I think just the day before this happening, I was reading about someone getting fined for not displaying their 'L's'...and you know how flimsy those plates are...

    Sooooooooo....I went to the 'Reject Shop', bought a $2 plastic container. Cut a bit of the plastic out to be large enough to cover the backside of the plate. Drilled 4 holes in the 4 corners (through the plate and the 'plastic backing' - then fixed the 'plastic backing' with 4 small screws and bolts...and it's been on ever since!
  2. i just don't get the RTA giving paper L plates for bikes.. :jerk:
    Although it is a great excuse if you are caught without it :wink:
  3. [​IMG]

    This is what I did after I was done for no L plate (yes it actually had fallen off). I laminated it then screwed it in. Need to laminate it if you don't want to replace it every time it rains.
  4. Wow, paper L plate? At least you can recycle, huh.

    Seriously, try getting some plates from the ACT, where they are thick plastic with holes in four corners. I just use a couple of cable ties to secure it to my License plate.
  5. you can get plastic L plates that have P's on the other side from the servo for 3 bucks.
  6. I used two of these while I was on L's and P's.


    Never lost a plate.

    Good for up to 184km/hr :grin:
  7. phizog, isnt the rego plate obstructing the "L" plate?
    just curious :grin:
  8. I used sticky tape. It kept the L plate dry. :p
  9. Damn you shifty mods :p

    I think I'm going to have to get SLO-XX as my sv plate..
  10. my p plate tin reinforcing 5 min job. has been hit with sticks rocks and has survived a drop. bolts are threadlocked


    [​IMG] :LOL:
  11. I went to Safeway and could not find the (Old scool) Plastic L plates, the only one they had was the thin stick on ones. I went to Vic road, they carry alot of stuff for bikes like, plastic plates, rego holder and key chain etc... I don't know how much a person is fine for not having plates but, my plastic L plate only cost my $2-$5. I hold it place with zip ties.
  12. i put mine on with cable ties, my problem was how to stop the bottom of it getting melted by the tires. :LOL: