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Keeping the Manufacturers Honest!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I've been interested in a bike for a few months now but in my quest to get something a little lighter than a litre machine I discovered the 600cc version was being listed as a 2 stroker. This seemed strange but its in the bike's specification page of the manufacturers Australian website, it has to be right. Right?

    Well wondered into my local distributor for that marque about a month and half ago I was told it was a 2 stroker......that confirms it and also takes the bike off the shopping list. A 600cc two stroke road bike, somehow I don't think that would work out.

    So After talking to Sir Skuffy the yesterday arvo he assured me that its definitely not a two stroke machine...so I checked a few other national versions of that marque and sure enough even with dodgy translations they all list it as a 4 stroke machine.

    So yesterday about 6pm I jumped on the Aussie website again and sent a message off to them via their Contact Us form asking if the model in question was really a two stroke machine. I haven't received a reply yet but looking at the same technical specifications page again tonight and magically the bike has a four stroke engine now. Must have been a hectic 24 hours of engineering and manufacturing.

    So its back on the shopping list. :dance:

  2. just like how yamaha advertised the R6 to peak out at 17,500 RPM when the rev limiter kicks in at 16,200...

    i found that out after purchasing the bike, although it wasnt why i purchased it so doesnt really matter.
  3. Not really...there was no deception, someone just stuffed up on the web page info on the aussie website.....all the other national websites were right.

    And if anything I think it being listed as a 2 stroke would have hurt sales.
  4. i was also told by the sales reps that it had a 17.5 RPM peak.
  5. Yamaha (world) did annunce for a while initially that the R6 rev'ed to 17,500 They even have a buy back *if* you want to return it because you stupidly bought the bike purely for the 17,500 RPM, you can sell it back to yamaha. heh



  6. Matt, Matt, Matt....you don't need a lighter bike. You just need to work on your technique...

  7. :LOL: @ chairman (again)

    Told ya Matty!
  8. mat,
    What was the bike?

    The old Suzuki website had some erros in it in terms of specifications.

    I haven't checked the new one
  9. ibas (since we seem to be dropping ts),

    That would spoil the surprise.

    But the website just got a new design in the last month or so.
  10. Put it this way....I don't have a weight bench at home.......just a bike lying on its side.

    But we mustn't question the all seeing an knowing pages on the web!!!! Its not our place.

    Although it is interesting that the mis-information got as far as salesman on the shop floor who must have been refering to the website for thier info....unless of course the sales materials were printed up wrong as well.