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Keeping the bike standing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ziggyboy, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I have recently moved to Wollongong and I would have to leave my bike in the open. It's a secure/closed complex so it's not theives I'm concerned about but the occassional strong winds.

    Can bikes tip over easily from strong winds? How do I keep it standing? Would a bike stand be enough?


  2. Side stand is more stable than centre stand. It should be fine for the most part. Wind can blow them over but it needs to be very strong. If it is particularly windy, pointing the bike noe into the wind will help.
  3. I personally think the the CENTRE stand is mosre stable then the SIDE stand
  4. ive had bikes fall both ... and in both cases it was soft ground causing them to sink ...
  5. If you want to be really sure, you could place your bike so that the sidestand side is close to a solid object like a light pole and attach it the pole with a "leash".
    That way it would be less likely to fall away from the pole, if the wind blew it. Conversely, its unlikely to fall towards the sidestand side, but if it did, it may come to rest against the pole.
    Further you could leave the bike in gear to prevent it from rolling.
  6. I've had a bet each way and have both a side and centre stand on my bike. :)
  7. Well there's a couple of basic things that can help.

    Flat, solid ground naturally.

    also, consider a disc lock, or at least a chain tightly rapped around the front wheel.

    Also, lock the steering, the bike won't be able to move straight forward, so rolling off stand motion= reduced.

    Really though, I don't think you have anything significant to worry about with regards to wind.

    Most of the force of the wind will be applied to the largest flattest surface- the side of the bike. To knock the bike over from this angle, the wind would have to be strong enough to lift the bike entirely off its stand and over the other side :shock:

    A huge amount of force- If the wind ever gets this strong, forget the bike, run for your life :)

    The bike's more likely to be knocked over in general by rolling forward off its stand. However the tiny amount of surface area at the rear of the bike means this would be almost impossible to happen by wind alone.
  8. Hey Ziggy, in Wollongong? When did that happen? I'll PM you my number, let's get a coffee sometime soon.
  9. Not when something's pushing it sideways or if the ground's not perfectly level.
  10. What sort of complex is it exactly?? If its a something like an enclosed carpark with concrete floor like at an apartment or office building i would go as far as saying there is no way it would fall over using either stand unless someboby pushes your bike over.