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Keeping my motorbike safe - Tips/Experience Needed.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SPEEEEDY_B, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. G'day guys, this is my first ever post as a forum member and I guess I should start out by saying;

    - If anything about this post is in the wrong forum section and/or title'd wrong, please let me know so I can correct it to avoid making a noob move. :eek:

    SO, I'm picking up my new bike at the start of next year (w00t!). I have never owned a road bike, only dirt bikes which are shacked up on my family's farm. So, this lead me to suddenly become nervous about the safety of my bike. I work in the city, do my course close to the inner city and live in a quiet suburb with a locked garage. I was thinking that while at work or uni, there are hundreds and thousands of people that will be walking past my bike, but what is to stop them from pinching it. I usually work late in the city (4-6am finish) and the thought of finally finishing and returning to where my bike ONCE was would be devastating. I have read a few tips on the interweb, although not much information is given on what safety gear I could buy. Now I know that all they need is a good set of bolt-cutters, but from experience, what could you guys and girls suggest I do to keep my pride and joy safe?

    Thanks alot - SPEEEEDY_B :riding:
  2. Get an alarmed disc lock from Xena, get the smallest alarmed one you can get as the bigger ones are not significantly more secure and the idea is the buzzer will draw attention and stop your bike from getting nicked.

    If you have a locked garage id about stop there in terms of security, not really worth spending heaps of cash on security devices, just get a disclock for when you ride to dodgey parts of town and keep it locked up at night and you should be right, spend the money on compo if you care that much.

    Unlikely your lams bike will get stolen if you leave it next to nice big bikes at uni though.

    Helmet lock is a good idea too if your bike does not have one built in (doubtful that it will)

    EDIT: people will tell you to make a welcome thread in the welcome section so people can say pointless 'welcome' messages for no apparent reason. I advise doing this else your likely to get flamed by others.
  3. Welcome, use two different types of locks from two different manufacturers.
    As Unconnected said - the Xena alarmed disc locks are good and I would add an abus steel cable lock for the rear wheel. Bike thieves are lazy and won't want the hassle of carrying extra tools. A disc lock can be circumvented by sticking a skateboard under your front wheel but will be stumped by the rear wheel being locked up too.
    Make sure that the locks are not touching the ground as this makes a hammer attack much more effective.
    Obviously if someone really wants your ride they'll get it so consider parking next to bikes that have no protection as they become instantly more attractive to the toe-rags.
  4. I read an article a few months ago by one of the insurers which was basically saying that although a lot of cars are stolen for opportunistic reasons, most motorcycles are actually stolen by professionals/career criminals for profit (which is why I maintain bike theft should be punishable by a mandatory death sentence).

    So most likely going to come down to what's worth most in parts rather than what's the biggest/most expensive, and there's always a high demand for parts for LAMs bikes (since noobs keep crashing them).
  5. Welcome bud, love your display pic.

    I'm often parking in the melb CBD for work/uni and I usually just disc lock it. If you want a bit of extra peace of mind you could always get a steel cable lock and lock it to something fixed (bench, pole, fence etc). Just means they have one more thing to get through and the last thing they wanna have to do is spend more time on it.
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    Firstly welcome.

    Secondly, to me having insurance is more important than security. Sure it doesn't stop your pride and joy from being stolen, but with insurance it can be replaced.

    Unfortunately, locks and alarms are really for your own piece of mind. I once had a locksmith tell me that locks and alarms only keep honest people and opportunistic thieves at bay. If a professional really wants to steal it, they will.

    Also, I don't want to unduly alarm you (sorry for the pun), but as my son found out, having all the locks and alarms doesn't stop some prick from pushing your bike over and/or doing some other damage to it.

    Edit: With your helmet take it with you. I have known people who have come back to their bike to see no helmet, just the strap still attached to the lock.
  7. ^^ Agree totally with the above and to expand, my solution, GO NED
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  8. Needed to re-read your last word. Nearly spat coffee over the keyboard. ONe letter out!
  9. lesson dont drink coffee when reading NR, it may be hazardous to your keyboard
  10. And as I found out recently; someone took the time to lift the front of the cover off my bike & stab the speedo & taco, then replace the cover. Ultimately, insurance is your best mitigation.

  11. yes and a lockable oil cap to stop assholes putting crap in your sump, it happens, (NED was on vacation that day)
  12. Locks and alarm devices aside......

    When parking in a public place you really have two options....

    Option 1
    Park in a very obvious high foot traffic area:
    • Less chance someone will take the risk of nicking the bike due to more public observers and higher prevalence of CCTV = more chance of being caught in the act.
    • More chance of accidental breakage of smaller items, the bike being scratched or knocked-over etc (albeit pretty small chance)
    Option 2:
    Park in an out of the way area with less foot traffic:
    • Less chance of accidental damage, scratches etc
    • More chance of bike actually being nicked due to less public observers and CCTV etc......
    If I have to park in public places, especially overnight, I ALWAYS take option 1.
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  13. Can say I use the high traffic area and when cameras are around use them for good (for a change) so at least in the unfortunate event something happens you may have some footage at least
  14. Been dropping trou in front of CCTV eh?
  15. isnt that what they are for ?? :p
  16. I found my Xena went off too much and had a lot of false alarms when there was a cover on the bike.

    Then it fell off the bike and the alarm broke off. I use a non alarm cable now. Maybe the Xena was an earlier model but as I bought it 4 years ago.

    Covers do more for security than anything though.
  17. Same same, but I use an ABUS disc lock.

    Disc locks come in 3 types: non-alarmed, shock alarm and motion alarm. You want a motion alarm for it to be any use.

    Most chains can be cut in about 1 min with heavy duty bolt cutters. Youtube has plenty of vids of people cutting motorcycle chain locks in seconds. OTOH if you park your bike in a high traffic area, someone cutting a chain with bolt cutters is likely to stand out. There are some chains which cannot be cut with bolt cutters, but these are 16mm or 19mm case hardened chains and as you would expect, they are heavy. The only brand that springs to mind in this category (fully resistant to bolt cutter attacks) is Almax. Obvballs, you also need a suitably resistant padlock.

    As for parking philosophy, I agree with BitSar above.
  18. Wow, thanks alot for the advice, and the welcome's. Yeah I had a good look last night of where I should be parking and found a group of motorbikes next to my work, so that seems safe enough. And i should invest in a disc lock and going to look into a chain-lock, just to be safe, it's $10, just as a second defense. And I am in direct sight of a CCTV camera.

    Insurance is also a pain in the neck, but it's better to be safe than sorry I guess. Prime investment.

    And in regards to "BitSar", are people really that careless around other people's motorbikes scratching them?
  19. Some underground secure car parks allow you to park for free if you use the void spaces they can fit a car into.. Just ask the building manager first.. Some even have painted areas for us..
  20. Yes...........unfortunately they are