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Keeping Dry

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Wanderer, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. OK,

    Got pretty damn wet today coming up the Monash in the rain! I was wearing a Honda jacket, MotoDry over pants, and MotDry Boots. The only part that stayed dry was my pants. Can you all recommend a jacket and boots which will keep me dry? Not a good look having to wring out a suit in the bathrroms at work!!

  2. Try coating your boots in Emu oil and having your pants OVER your boots. Keeps my feet dry :D
  3. Deb,

    Yeah - had the pants over the boots but the feet still got wet! Emu oil could be the go though.

  4. Hey wanderer,
    I've got an AGVSports 3/4 jacket which hasn't ever let me down in the rain, and I've found my Daytona Boots are waterproof too.
    Definately pants over boots too like Flipper says! :wink:

  5. Re: boots
    check the other thread "Thomas Cook boots"
    If yours are leaking, NOTHING will get them waterproof (permanently).
  6. i've got booties (rubber overboots), postie pants naturally in fashionable yellow :) and a sprey jacket keeps me dry as a whistle.
    also i wear a suit underneath :)
  7. Dririder jackets are good, I sprayed mine very librally with this silicon spray I picked up in Aussie Disposals. It made the jacket totally waterproof. I've even coated my Ventura bag in the stuff and not one drop of water has gotten through since. YOu can use the same spray on boots too.
  8. Shabby,

    Yeah - I've got a spray jacket I use for sailing which I might put over the top. Now just need some waterproof boots!

  9. My Daytona boots have been pretty good. The only time my feet have gotten wet in them was when I was on the Monash in the biggestest, most gigantic, humungousest storm before Xmas (had to pull over BTW as I couldnt see a damn thing)......
    oh and when I was coming out from SouthBank one night and there was a puddle the size of Silvan Dam at the set of lights. While waiting for traffic so I could turn left, a cage goes past and the puddle ended up going down my boots :oops:
    In this weather, I usually wear my Dri Rider Nordic 2 jacket and pants to keep dry. I'm about to head out in it now, hope i stay dry ;)
  10. Where can I buy this booties and postie pants? How much ?
  11. I bought a pair of black over pants from Peter Stevens for $20. They are made from a rubber like material and have velcro at the bottoms of them.
  12. Got 3 spare pairs of those (sz.9-12) sitting in the garage, all new.
    Just PM if you like.
    Don't need them anymore due to Goretex-Daytonas (which stayed totally dry testing them for 20 mins submerged to ankle-height in water).
  13. Use the cage.....

    Well someone had to say it didn't they!

  14. :shock: :shock: :shock: Shame on you and your fair weather biker atttitude!!!
    I have a choice today, cage or bike (teal or red) :LOL: :LOL: just kidding lids ;) I'm taking my bike :D
  15. Came to work on the pushbike this morning with Gortex jacket and my Gortex overpants on motorcycle link I was wearing my new Joe Rocket Hard drive waterproof gloves. (these are great and for under 100 dollars good value too) I was nice and dry except for my cycling shoes. I cannot push the Gortex angle enough. The stuff is guarenteed to keep you dry. Easy to look after, just warm machine wash, throw in the dryer and then iron on a medium setting to reset the water repellency of the outer fabric.
    Love the stuff.
  16. OK, here we go.

    Boots: Gortex boots will eventually leak (Trust me!) so a good coat of Emu Oil (Go Flip) or Rub them with Renapour every three days will cure the water problem. Over shoes are graet but as said by Martyh, use a plastic bag when putting them on or you will rip them. Ring Bike Mart and Netriders get a discount.

    Pants: Well I have both kinds Plastic and Protective. I wear Dri Rider Nordica pants whenits cold and then the Plastic pants over the top in the pouring rain. If you want cheap ones get to your local camping store and get a pair for about $10.

    Jaket: I have a Force Carbon jacket and the only thing I can fault is that sometimes you get a wet belly if you don't close it properly. Not the cheapest jacket in the bunch, but really warm and dry.

    Hope this helps.

  17. Alternatively, you could just put your feet in some shopping bags and then into your motorbike boot. The boot itself may get wet inside but your feet will stay dry as a bone.

    My brother has an RST jacket and pants he got from Peter Stevens. He says they keep him dry, even in a nice down pour. The only place there was a small leak was in the crotch of the pants...this being due to a cage splashing him with extra unwanted water. :eek:
  18. Whilst on the topic, does anyone know a place that sells oversize or custom-size waterproof gear (jacket & pants) ??? I can't find ANYTHING off the rack that comes even remotely close to fitting...
  19. Voyager, try Road safety equipment at Laverton on Doherty Rd. They sell stuff to fit even the really big road worker guys.