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Keeping Cool

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    Check this site out.... http://www.coolingapparel.com/

  2. That gear looks very appealing. I have a neckerchief that works along those lines and is very cooling.
  3. I might look at getting a few of the T's to try out.......
  4. Go down to a camping store like Paddy Pallin, they've got heaps of stuff similar to this.
  5. Hey Dan ol man.....

    Actually, they dont have this stuff.... :(
  6. Your right Mitch, they wont have the cooling vests but they do have the 'moisture transporting tees'

    One of those fancy cooling vests would be the go on a day like today...
  7. So they have the T's though????? Sweeeet...

    The vest would be perfect...... I was wondering whether or not it would work if wearing the vest underneath a protective jacket??? The site says yes...

    A buddy of mine has one of the vests. He soaks it in water for 5 minutes (absorbs the water) and then puts it on on really hot days.....
  8. Like G I've got one of those neck things with the absorbent crystals (like Matty Hayden wore when he made his double ton in India) very nifty.

    Does put out a fair bit of moisture slowly, so I don't know if putting a similar thing under leathers would be a good idea.
  9. These things are good, very good. I wear a similar thing under my flight suit when doing aero's, and trust me, grunting at +8 or 10, to -5 Gee's makes you damn hot. I don't know how effective they would be on a long ride though, it's usually only about 20 mins start to finish for me.
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  12. I like the concept of the vest and am interested in one. :)
  13. slightly OT but anyway...

    a few months back (in the middle of winter), i pulled up next to a guy on a CB1300 (i think) who had a tankbag that was connected to his dririder jacket with a couple of hoses.

    i made some lame smart-ass comment along the lines of 'portable dialysis?' and rather than giving me the expected smack in the head, he told me that it was a system that blew hot air into his jacket. he also said it could be used in summer to blow cool air in.

    i have no idea as to specifics (wiring, fan etc) but was wondering if anyone else had stumbled across this in their travels?
  14. G / dan can you please post a link to this cool neckerchief thingamajiggy.
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  16. Coudl have been one of these things www.mistymate.com.au

    What difference do these cooling vests make? Can't you just wet a tee or something for a lot less than 95.

  17. Ha, under uses it lists 'watching sport'. You keep cool slobbing around watching other poor buggers slog it out with no Misty.

    Misty, gotta love the name!
  18. I own a business where the staff have to dress up in a big yellow cat costume for around 30min.

    We buy these things to stop whoever is in it from passing out from heat stroke.

    The vest is amazing, you wear it after leaving it in the freezer so its a step above he water ones.

    I havnt tried it on the bike but I might have to over the next day or 2 being at 35oC.



  19. Went looking for one of those cooling neckechief things today, all of the bike and camping stores looked at me like some kind of freak - had no idea what I was talking about. Eventually found one in a Rebel Sport store, guessing that since they're a franchise other stores would stock them - cost 15 bucks seems to work well (I'm wearing it on my head right now).