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Keeping bike in a van?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by renew490, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. hi guys, in an effort to afford my first bike (thinking used drz400s or dr650), thinking about selling my car and buying a bike and a cheap van. I don't have a garage to keep the bike in, so would having a van be a good idea, or too much hassle to put bike in an out?

    The alternative - to keep bike on the street, with a chain and cover, area- Northern beaches.

  2. As long as you have a way of getting it into and out of the van (eg ramps that you aren't going to fall off), then the idea has been done before - certanily "doable".
  3. Would you be able to insure both vehicles.. with the same company at least? I'm thinking what if someone nicks the van i guess it would be two claims because the van insurance wouldn't cover contents?
  4. Could you perhaps instead of buy a van purchase a shed from bunnings? like a small one just to be able to fit the bike and lock it?
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  5. Can you park the bike inside the house?
  6. Bonus,
    Steel the van and get a bike too....


    A van would give weather protection but are they secure.....

    I would be inclined to put in a ground anchor where you park it, or park it along side something substantial with a quality chain and lock, perhaps an alarm and cover it, least then it is as secure as it can be.

  7. thanks guys.

    yeah, was thinking to get a ramp, aldi had them for $70. some maybe something similar.

    yeah, would need to look into it, good idea.
  8. unfortnunately can only leave the bike (in van or on its own) on the street, where other cars are parked..
  9. no, unfortunately..

  10. thanks, yeah, its a worry if someone stole both. We've had cars broken into on our street.

    There is a pole I could chain the bike to, though it would have to be on the grass area, and maybe use a cover too..
  11. Using a cover is a good idea, it won't stop a determined thief but it discourages the idiots from sitting on or leaning against the bike.

    Re the van idea, check insurance details. Check the van also a lot of the low height vans have a rollover on the roof at the back door. This stops the bike clearing the top when it is at an angle on ramps. Mates Mitsubishi is like that.

    Don't know the area you live but an option is an elderly neighbor with a garage and no car. You may be able to organise some storage for a price.
  12. thanks, was thinking about renting a garage, I think its from about $50/wk in the area. Maybe I can find someone who might have a free garage.

    For van was thinking Toyota Hiace, looks like a couple for sale mentioned motocross, so maybe they are ok height-wise.
  13. As for clearance, I carted my DRZ400 around in my '99 Hiace with no drama, but I didn't have mirrors fitted, ramp seated nicely too allowing for a smooth entry/exit.

    A good idea might be to drive the van a short distance to a different location when you go for a ride, because if you do it regularly outside your house, someone will soon notice that there's a bike inside and take a liking to it.
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  14. It'd have to be a light bike to be doing it every day. Your chances of slipping one day would be pretty high and then you would be repairing both a bike and a van.

    Also, I don't see how having two vehicles is going to be as cheap as owning one.

    Two lots of rego, insurance, ctp, devaluation, etc. You couldn't possibly make that up with some saving on petrol. Do some maths. You'll soon find the only way to truly save money is to sell the car and get a bike only.
  15. thanks, not a bad idea
  16. true, and it might get a bit old loading/unloading every time, even thoguh drz400 is 145kgs. And 2 lots of regos etc does add up. Bike would be an occasional use, maybe 2 times a week. Maybe I could add a surfboard rack to the bike and I don't need a car at all. Or a sidecar?
  17. what if a car parks behind your van and there isn't enough room to put the ramp down and take your bike out? that would suck!
  18. If you keep it on the street theft insurance has to be a buttload cheaper than owning a van. Covers a good idea but watch where you leave it on a windy day.

    Though I kind of like the idea. The amount of times I've been on a road trip with the Dudette and wanted my bike.

    "Babe hold the wheel I just need to grab something out the back"
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  19. yeah totally, then will have to drive to another parking spot..
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  20. What part of the Beaches are you at.
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