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Keep your visor down

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Deadsy, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. I don't know how many people here ride with their visor up, but this video I just came across may make you think twice about it.
    I personally either ride with my visor completely closed or cracked open slightly, only a few times have I left it significantly open and that's because I have ridden to my destination during the day with a tinted visor and left at night. Silly, I know.
    I thought I'd post this and see what you guys had to say. A very, very lucky rider in that vid.

  2. Ya I call Bull shit. Looks like they were riding a little stupid to me. :?

    Dam that accent is so annoying.

    Try this one

    Hilarious. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  3. No drama. During the day, I wear ballistic sunnies.
  4. I ride with my visor up all the time. have done on and off for 17 years.

    If you cant feel the wind on your face sometimes then whats the point of riding a motorcycle.

    Sometimes you have to for safety - like you've still got on your tinted visor and had to stay back a few hours at work and suddenly it's night.

    Dont do it at dawn or dusk when all the bugs are out though. Especially if you have highway travel to do.
  5. How do the thousands of people who wear open faced helmets survive :-O...

    I don't think the poor bug should be at blame, rider stupidity pbly would have covered more.
  6. I ride with my visor down only at night otherwise I wear sunglasses.
  7. lucky though, i think i'd risk it with a car then a truck hehe.

    i have dinted visor and i got caught in the night .. didn't realize it was gonna be so difficult to see the lines(couldn't see any) .. but sometimes i will also leave the visor open the tinniest bit and look through the gap.
  8. Am I the only one that couldn't see what happened in that video, least of all what it has to do with a visor?
    Looks like a car hit a bike.
  9. no...I think I missed the visor bit too.

    I ride with my visor up around the city and in general at speeds < 60km/hr . Only bad story I have to tell about riding with my visor up is when I passed through some mace that cops must have been spraying at a distressed guy on NE road...Couldn't see the stuff, but it had drifted some distance across the road. Stung for a good minute or so and had to pull over.
  10. I'm much the same as dougster. I only ride with the visor up ( depending on the conditions) at speeds 60kms and slower. I'm not a huge fan of tinted visors, because I too have been caught out a few times with a tinted visor at night. Not fun.
    Only a clear visor and sunnies for me.
    As for the vids welllll, the first one your asking for a bug in your eye riding at night with all that street light around. As for the second I'm still not sure if it had anything to do with a visor. Maybe I'll have another look
  11. Had another look at the second video.
    All I can say is THATS CARMA
  12. Sorry guys, the second vid has nothing to do with a visor, I just thought it was funny.
  13. Am I the only person who rides with a tinted visor at night?!
  14. Nope!
    9pm - pissing down on Parramatta Rd with my tinted visor on. I was screwed for visibility. So I turned off the main road and kept to second gear with the visor up (to avoid rain in my face).
  15. I have it on and off, depending on where I riding...
    if it's dusty, I'll put it back on...

    yes... got to love the feeling of the wind on your face...
  16. What a load of shit! A bug hit me in the eye! HAHAHA :LOL:

    The style of riding they were doing was quick bursts in and out of traffic. I think the motorcycle came up too fast on the motorcycle in front of him and didnt slow down in time thus hitting his rear tire.

    A bug hit me in the eye is a nice excuse.
  17. it's usually down.....less i forget to put it down before i take off....in which case it could stay up for ages......

    (just cause i'm too darn scared sometimes to lift my hand off the handlebar :oops: )
  18. he would have learnt his lesson. being foolish on the freeway. doesnt hurt to slow down sometimes.
  19. Get better headlights. :wink:

    I used to ride with the visor up occasionally - then I got in the eye by a bug. Couldn't see for a good 10 seconds out of either eye, and it was red and stinging for the next few hours. Not fun. Only doing 80km/h too. :p
  20. So the Cruiser guy wearing the skivvy and chaps finally bought a sports bike :p