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Keep your passwords safe

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by leegil1, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Back from my European holiday. Europe rocks! Only one incident occurred when some bastard 'lifted' my bag with stuff still in it whilst in Madrid. Thank god for travel insurance and the Aust embassy.

    The only thing that has taken time to recover is all the passwords that I had encrypted in my diary. Having to revisit all the sites and work out the login name and passwords were all gone and I had a bugger of a time trying to find them all again (thank god the bank accounts were not compromised). Finally got back onto this forum.

    The morale of the story:
    1) If some bastard tries to 'lift' something from you, if you catch them, give them the caning of a lifetime (so as long as there are no cameras around and no witnesses).
    2) Keep your details safe.
    3) Encrypt your login details and passwords so that only you can recall the details easily. Just hope your memory is good enough to remember all the websites.
    4) If overseas, keep two sets of ID in different locations. You can generally get a emergency passport overnight if you have at least one set of ID. Be nice to them as they can provide some very fast service (and they are only doing their job).

    Food for thought.
  2. I have all my logins and passwords and access stuff for my website and all that saved into an Excel spreadsheet. That spreadsheet is password protected and I keep it here on my PC but have also emailed a copy to my Gmail account. Only one password to remember (the one for the spreadsheet) and everything else is safe and even stored "off site" in case of burglary.
  3. I'm impressed! You are a rare breed indeed.

    Even after being bitten I still not as careful as I should be. It amazes me how many logins and passwords I have.

    This reminds me that I need to backup my mobile contacts - now that's another bugger of a thing to do (even worse if you lose it without backing up elsewhere).
  4. I just store all the passwords in my head... Even random 8 to 16 letter, symbols and number ones I can remember. Much more secure in there then anywhere else.
  5. Those things are not to hard to crack with apps you can down load.
  6. Yup was gonna say thats probably the unsafest way to keep passwords! In my head works for me!
  7. Ditto :)
  8. Someone would have to hack my gmail account first, then find it, then hack that. How likely is that really?

    Then again, as it's all talked about here on this forum I have now deleted that spreadsheet from my gmail account and stored it somewhere else!
  9. I also have all of mine written down and stored in my safe in case anything happens to me.
  10. You might want to look into 'password safe' applications, not all are made equal as some may have weaknesses that can be exploited.

    Then again there is no real need for multiple different passwords, indeed there is research out there that shows relying on multiple different passwords is inherently weaker as each different password will generally be weaker so it is easier to remember (of course if you use a password safe that isn't much of an issue). You could be better off picking a single, lengthy (at least 8 characters), complex (4 different character sets, a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and special characters (?!,.- etc)) non-dictionary password that you will remember.
  11. The strange thing is, you take all these precautions and then type them into your browser.

    I have just had to change 2 different banks credit cards because within one week, I had overseas casino banks taking money out of them. The strangest thing was, one of the cards was brand new and had only arrived two days before as the old one had run out.

    Ran a spyware check with a different program and it found 38 different programs that could have done it.
  12. And then of course there's the banks that now have their online banking log in with a fricken on-screen keyboard where you have to CLICK each number/letter/character - which any old person who happens to be behind you can see by following the mouse :roll:
  13. I am deeply disturbed that any 20 y.o. even owns a safe, let alone is mature and sensible enough to store anything other than recreational drugs in it :grin: .
  14. It's where he keeps his p0rn.... :shock: :LOL:
  15. & this is the foolproof safe we're talking about..



  16. PMSL :rofl:
  17. It is inevitable in this modern age that we need so many passwords. I don't think we will ver get away from it. I try to consolidate where I can on non-critical things with limited combinations then, I encrypt it mentally using my own algorithm. At the end of the day, as long I mentally encryp it, the only way a person can access it is by luck (hit every combination known to mankind).

    And no, I don't need a safe for p0rn, because I don't have any. :grin: