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Keep this away from Eswen

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nil_orally, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. definately as from what ive read on here.. :LOL:
  2. What, are you saying she might be upset by a reference to a 'cow on a motorcycle'?
    That's a bit harsh!
  3. ooh Talia i'd eat her anyday :p
  4. that's freakin cool
  5. The butter sculptures make me feel ill.
  6. pity im too busy trying to blow my d/l limit, and so all my bandwidth is being used... I saw a couple of the marzapan ones though and cool as :grin:

    So im asuming theres some chocolate ones inthat collection...
  7. a guy came in to work today and bought 2 and a half kilos of chocolate. he said he had a chocolate fountain and you just chuck chocolate in and it melts it and it cascades out of a fountain :)
  8. Yep they're selling those in some of the department and electrical goods stores - probably be pushing them fairly heavily for Easter I'd imagine.
  9. Changing from food to lego in one easy post ;)
  10. Kids eat Lego :LOL:
  11. Slightly off this off topic :grin: but don't you hate it when you step barefoot on a Lego piece??!! The corners are so sharp on the little guys!
  12. In the Army Catering Corps there were any number of excuses to make food models, Easter, Melbourne Cup, Anzac Day, etc
    The preferred medium was pastry margarine; it's a hard, white marge that can only be bought for commercial bakeries. If the sculpture was kept cool, it would last for weeks. I've got some pics of a centrepiece we made for a function at Pucka somewhere.... a huge fish, surrounded by models of prawns....
  13. How did you get the commissioned personnel to pose?
  14. We had to work off mug-shots, they were all busy doing ..... something :LOL: