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Keep the 125 or wait for Black?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Captspanky, May 25, 2012.

  1. Keep the 125 or wait for Black licence?

    Long time lurker, first time poster. At the moment I have a 2007 Honda Cbr125r and I'm currently on my red p plates, close to the greens. Now the 125 is pretty good but I'm not sure to stick with the 125 till the black or up it now to a 2005 Suzuki GS500F with about 22k on the clock and a full service history for 4990.

    Pretty sick of having first gear last about 2 seconds till i have to click up, it sucks up hills. But it has a ventura Rack and the bag is handy and petrol is too good. I ride every day and it works but I got the bike for cheap when I wasn't sure that I'd be riding for as long as I have. Sucks that I can't upgrade to a nice big shiny for about 6k but that's LAMS for you.
  2. I'm in NSW on the central coast so NSW LAMS restrictions apply. I was reading in the forums before about the restricted 600s and the going on them seems to be that they are too heavy for the power they put out. If I can find the thread I'll link it.
  3. How long do you have until you're off LAMS? I'm hopeless with the licencing system for bikes in other states.

    Knowing both bikes you've mentioned well (what you have and what you're looking at), I'd say the upgrade would very much be reflected by what you use the bike for, and how long it'll be before your restrictions lift and you want more.

    The CBR125R (my manager has an '08 one of these as his first bike), to me feels like an oversized push bike with a motor being used to a bigger bulkier bike, that the GS is. They're an easily manageable bike which is good for someone starting out, but would get tiresome quickly.

    Comparing the two I've found the GS much more relaxed to ride, both in that you feel more secure on the bigger bike (in terms of stability and just having more bike around you), and that you don't have to ring it's neck to get about, especially if you're carrying more than just yourself on it. That said I am a bigger bloke at ~185cm tall, so I'm bound to feel cramped on the 125.

    My opinion, if you're feeling cramped and struggling with the performance of the bike as a commuter, and you have a long while to go before you get on your full licence, the GS is a good way to go, they're a solid reliable performer that hold good resale when time does come to move on. If you're only a few months away, say even less than a year, maybe consider one of the restricted 600/650cc bikes that you can de-restrict when you get off your P's rather than wanting to update again straight away, otherwise just wait it out and go for something that's been in your dreams since you first passed your L's test at the beginning ;)
  4. The fact that the green P's last for 2 year I'm not real sure that it's worth the upgrade to a GS500 or higher but the 125 bottoms out real fast when gaining revs. To wait or not to wait. But damn that GS500F is sexy...
    That what I've had my eye on, done the research on GS500s, I love the look and I have had the chance to ride a gs500 before. Much power indeed. Any thoughts on that bike? Im a bit on the heavy end at 88Kg but only 173cm tall.
  5. That 125 must chug a little with that extra weight :p I'm 80kg on a 250 ninja and I wish I had gone for something around 400-500cc.

    Personally, I like to ride on the weekends through the hills so I'd be upgrading. The GS is something that I'd be content to ride after my LAMS period is over. If you're just commuting on it might be worth just sticking with the cheap fuel & small size?
  6. The wait would be 24 months on the green p plates, also I'm interested in pillion taking passengers. Looking for a smooth ride with a seat that isn't hard as hell (like the 125) . As far as the bigger 650s go, I like the idea of a Kawa 650 then taking the limiters out, sounds like it would last long when off the plates.
  7. Yeah I've been able to manage it where ever I've had to go so far. Only hills get me and I'm ready and waiting in 3rd to floor it up... kinda. Its small size doesn't count for too much use, I don't live anywhere where parking to too hard to get (motorcycle bays are awesome) and I'm a sucker for fairings. The cheap fuel is awesome, true that, but it's really not that much more for a bigger bike in my mind.
  8. Can't take a pillion on P's (green or red) and you have 24 months to ride until full. Get the new bike if you are asking the question. I have a 650L Ninja and its great. Poodling around town always under 4000rpm and get a kick at 6-6500 rpm and feels like it has a bit of get out of trouble power.

    GS 500 is fine and basically you are looking at changing revs for torque and they feel different but with what you have been talking about, the bigger bike will be a little bit better for the normal riding you do.

    Cheers Spocky
  9. Really? I was looking at the restrictions page on the RTA website and there was nothing under carrying a passenger for the green plates but only under the reds.
  10. Seems you are right. I just have int he back of my head that carrying pillions required a full licence but seems on the getting a licence handout that its ok.

    Apologies for the mislead ](*,)

    Cheers Spocky
  11. What state are you in?
    and i'm a bigger bloke and I have a gs500.. its got enough power for everyday riding and is still fun in the twisties.. its certainly better than your 125.. and fuel economy isn't too bad.. and your rack can be put on it.

    If you can put up with the 125.. for 2 more years do it.. but i reckon upgrade now.. it will hold its re-sale value. I got mine for cheap with low klms.. and an older owner who barely rode it but serviced it regularly, it was near new tbh.

    And i plan on keeping it till i finish my green p's.
  12. If it's going to be two years of riding before you're off your P's I'd definitely be going the GS. Ease of riding especially with a pillion would be enough to tempt me.

    I'm not sure I'd go a restricted 600/650 with that amount of time though. It's down to the individual, but I'd be frustrated knowing I'm practically one screw away from the full potential, and it'd drive me mad waiting two years to get the bikes restrictions out. Not to mention in 2 years time I'd probably want to get something else regardless, so you're better with the cheaper option that'll give you 99% of the thrills. That's just me though, you may handle things differently.

    For arguments sake in terms of economy, my GS does about 300-320km depending on conditions before it hits reserve, and usually takes 14.5L give or take to fill. Worst I've got was 280km from all spirited stop start style riding, best 349km from a beach road cruise. Compare that to the economy of your CBR for us, be interesting to see how it fairs.
  13. If you have to get a bike with 20 year old technology like the gs the dr650 is a much better bike and cheaper.

    I dont own one so i am not talking up resale either