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Keep roads safe - breath test pedestrians

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by CamKawa, May 5, 2010.

  1. Keep roads safe - breath test pedestrians

    What's this country coming to?

    Apart from fine us what are going to do? Ban us from walking? How about placing us under house arrest and then if we break that jail us? Fark this place is really beginning to suck! :tantrum:
  2. Perhaps alchohol or drug testing for politicians and their senior staff would be a more productive idea.....
  3. Meh. It was a recommendation from a dude in Adelaide. I won't be worried till they try to make a law out of it.
  4. But these pedestrians also jump out in front of you, causing damage to your car and or bike. If they're not seriously hurt they do a runner and you have lots of crash damage, you have to make a claim. If they're seriously hurt and don't run you can't claim off them. And before their results come back, you'll be assumed to be the 'at fault' party by the justice system.
  5. meh, i think i will just become a real crim, they get a better deal then the tax paying public
  6. Yes, they should all be registered & insured too, before they are allowed to set foot out of the house!

    Sarcasm, btw.

    Is this a clandestine dig at Harold Scruby?

    I don't care how drunk you are, if you're too stupid to not walk in front of something that could kill you, well, maybe you're better off. I'm just saying.
  7. I've read a very promising Investment Report about an Australian company that is developing the "Pedtector Range".

    A stylish line of pedestrian clothing that incorporates kevlar lining, air bags and a seat belt.

    For American customers there will be an optional bullet proof vest.

    Coming to a store near you.
  8. I suspect some of thes public health advocates need drug testing themselves. next thing they will be wanting random Body Mass Index checks on the street and if you fail you get sent to an eating re-education camp for six months.

    The scary thing is that if there's a politician somewhere that sees either votes or money in it they'll bring it in.
  9. =D>

    I've always said that if I get creamed by a vehicle because I'm crossing the road "illegally", the world is a better place without a dumbass like me.

    Same goes for anyone who manages to get hit by a train at a level crossing.
  10. I doesn't sound that new to me. It has always been an offense to be drunk in a public place. In days of old it meant a night in a cell until you sobered up, and still does occasionally. But most drunks are left to cause mayhem on the streets now, to themselves or others.

    Since we have evolved into a society of overgrown delinquents that refuse to take responsibility for their own conduct, the idea kind of appeals to me. But I can see problems with enforcement and fairness, so it probably wouldn't work.