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Keep on the gas lest ye be superman

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Not4Resale, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. If the ass of the bike steps out..... Keep on the gas! The words resonate through your head then when you get that :shock: moment, the "off" switch just flips itself and lo and behold ye find yourself getting flung over the bike like a catapult!


    If you haven't worked it out yet, I had my first highside today and wrecked the only thing left to give me joy in this cursed recession! :?

    My advice to people is even when your body does it without thinking (throttling off) bloody hang it on! I am disgusted in my behaviour!

    I was overconfident, hooning through, not focusing on the drills, thinking how cool i would look in the bloody photos and found the limits of my skills. I'm bloody angry with myself and damn lucky i didn't hurt myself when i flew off at that pace (bike slid halfway from turn 12 till pit lane at EC to give u an idea).

    Ride within your limits, and don't panic when the sheez goes bejeezy.

    Basically everything that i did wrong that i knew how not to.

    BTW should post up some pics of the day over the next week or so....got some awesome photos :LOL:

    but seriously, i'm an idiot and my bikes paid for it.

    Stay safe people.

    Oh yeh and got to meet a mod today! :p
  2. :worthlesspics: :grin:

    bikes can be replaced, u cant, be happy
  3. kneedown.

    There happy? Might need your spectacles for this one grandpa.

    Sorry none of me falling off. Would have loved to get that on vid though, i was airborne for a second or two :grin:
  4. damn thats the pics i wanted to see :grin:

    next time u go, tell me what corner your going to fly off and ill stand there with a camera :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Sorry to hear dude :( Now, judging by the responses on Raven's 'stoppie' thread we should all start bagging you out as to what a bad example you are to newbies? :roll:

    Hope it doesn't cost too much to fix mate.
  6. Tips that I've heard that apparently work when the rear end starts to slide:

    1) Pick the bike up a touch
    2) Push down on the outside peg (if possible)
    3) After doing 1+2 and it doesn't come back, don't chop the throttle, but rather just ease it off a tiny fraction.
  7. Thanks mate, sound advice, was definitely an SR to cut the throttle. Ironically in the session after that we were meant to be practicing standing it up with the bars and it was just resonating through my head that i should have just done that...


    Live and learn i suppose... :?
  8. Meh, don't be too hard on yourself dude, keeping on the gas is easy if the rear steps out progressive. But if it goes in a hurry nine times out of ten you're gunna chop the throttle, even the best in the business do it. Watch some GP/WSBK racing long enough and you'll see the 'A' boys do it.

    My best guess is you were getting towards the end of the day where your tyre was shagged and you were pumped. You may have even been sliding it without issue beforehand.

    The VTRs fix up pretty easy as long as everything is straight.
  9. Dude, that sux.

    You just fell victim to survival reaction number 1, involuntarily rolling off.

    Hope you're on the road again real soon.
  10. Glad it happened on the track, less furniture to really stuff up your day.

    I've had the rear slide out a few times, but can't remember if I rolled off or kept the throttle steady. Thanks for the thought provoking tale :-k :beer:
  11. Cheers all for the words.


    Yes.... I'm not concerned with a bit of movement, or even more than a bit but it literally whipped out and i was in 4th at around 7-8 thousand RPM's at this stage just about to stand the bike up for the straight, had been in the zone and just got flicked off.
  12. Bugger!...sorry to hear that..:-(

    "NOT" shutting off the gas when the rear quite suddenly flicks out from under you is a big ask for us mere mortals.
    It can be overcome...obviously...but it's something best worked on and overcome while riding someone elses bike, I reckon... :eek: :LOL:
    Not so bad if it's a gentle slide, but when it lets go all of a sudden and you are hard at work...well...it's an instinct, without thought.

    What tyres are you running again, mate?...are they Pilot powers? just curious.

    Anyway..it was a good landing for "you" fortunately. :) ...and you are'nt talking to us from a hospital bed.
    Give your bike a hug..

  13. Cheers for the words of wisdom john :wink:

    Pilot Roads, I think the pilot powers would've held out at that angle, I was on the deck and just about to stand it up to ping it on the straight... so just as well the bike did the job for me... maybe just a bit too eagerly! :LOL:

    Yeh thank the spaghetti monster for her small mercies. The flight was definitely the highlight of the trip. Not so much the landing or rolling :LOL:

    and bike is yet to be picked up :cry: I've been listening to break up songs to mend my feelings of loss, it's bloody pathetic... :?

    Still.... I am very glad i didn't get hurt, those circumstances and speed could've left me severly messed up... I estimated my speed anywhere between 120 and 150 based on the gear and revs at the time. Thats about right isn't it? 4th gear on the storm at about 7-8 thousand revs...

    Anybody got a better estimate? I hardly ever look at the speedo and mine only works 30% of the time.
  14. Yeah, because it was totally peak hour on the track.

    Anyway, at least you know for next time. Is this the first time the rears ever slid on you? At least you know how that *feels* now and hopefully wont panic so quickly next time.
  15. Was pretty lonely out there, I'd been overtaken by one of the racers and was playing catch up so bike was a fair way in front of me and nothing behind me. I think there was a good 15 seconds between me running to the barrier and a bike actually coming past :LOL:

    Not the first time but the first time it's happened while scraping my leg on the ground and going at a stupid speed, it didn't happen gradually, it whipped out quite alot pretty quickly, and ended up taking the bike down the left hand side of the straightaway and sending my spiraling down the right side of the track.

    and IMO getting catapulted into the air is a mad feeling! :grin:

    Geez im a bloody idiot.... :oops:
  16. Sorry to hear about your bike, mate.

    Glad that your OK. Wouldn't have been nice to hear that you were hurt.

    Don't be too hard on yourself. You can always get another bike.
  17. Ah yes,,,the pilot roads, I remember you mentioning that before, now that I think about it.

    Not looking to point the finger at the tyres, but they do (powers) have a bit of reputation for letting go rather suddenly when they reach their limit (That's what others have said)...might be the same for the "roads" as well.

  18. Cheers, any recommendation of a good tyre? :grin:
  19. conti sport attacks ;)

    nice predictive grip, doesn't just let go but slides progressively

    sorry about your off mate.. hope you and the bike mends soon
  20. I have said it before, but the way most amateurs ride (amateurs as in everyone except the truly talented and well practiced motorcycling gods) does not allow one to simply stay on the gas or it's a certain low side (better than a massive high side though). When most amateurs step the rear out, it is because of road surface (sometimes you gotta shut off straight away and as quickly as possible!) or the typical leave-the-throttle-off-too-long then wind-it-on-too-quick, which doesn't make for a throttle position that will keep you on the bike if you leave it open. It is all well and good saying KEEP ON THE GAS, but the people generally saying this couldn't predictably slide the arse end if they tried. Us mere mortals are fine with holding the throttle on over irregularities, even those smooth gradual slides that feel soooo nice, but the ones where it's letting go in a hurry because of the road or because we are ham fisted idiots are not usually coming back. Be on the ball and shut that shit off! :grin:

    I rode out this 4th gear powerslide.... but more arse than class!