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Keep my Ninja 250 or go for the 300?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NinjaKid, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys i have a 2010 ninja 250r with 31000km on the clock, only sticker scratches, nothing more
    its my first bike and I was wondering since i got the bike at a price of $3000 from a private seller, the bike has been mine since july, and over the course ive spent alot of maintenance cost for it, like changing the sprocket and chain, ive notice that the reason why the seller is selling it is because its due for maintenance, well I figured that out a little too late i guess, she also need set of new brake discs as well,
    i guess the kid didnt take really good care of her, and it will cost me around the $500 mark + the chain and sprocket costs me $300, just out of curiosity do you think I should just sell it and probably go for the 300?, trade in mine, and do you guys know whats the current price of my bike? if so do you know any good dealer to deal with, what are your suggestions guys...,

    my first plan is to take good care of her and finish my full license with her which will take about 3 years, since ive only gotten my L on july, but at the same time her kin is aging...,
    save up during the course of 3 years and get a bigger bike for my 2nd bike
    or spend a little more money and go for the 2ndhand 300?
    whatever shall I do?

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    If the 250 is now running like a dream, I reckon keep it 'til you're beyond LAMS. Then buy whatever you like. I've never ridden either bike, but surely there's not a world of difference in 50cc?

    And you could be buying into somebody else's problems.

    And why is your bike's "kin aging"? I'm not sure what you mean.
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  3. you sounded exactly like the mechanic, I brought the bike over to him wanting to change the disc etc he said it can last abit later, its just that ive been visiting him abit too much lately lol, and sorry if its abit off topic but do you think those cheap aftermarket brake disc any good, i mean like for me, if it will do, it will do you know what im saying?
    because its carbed and now almost very bike is FI, and the older brother comes out now the 300 and idk how the market value is going to be in the next 3 years :)

    PS: yes it runs smooth so far, never had any mechanical problem with it aside from wear and tear chain and brake, but well see the major service is due on the 36000km
  4. 50cc really isn't going to be that noticeable, really no point to upgrade given that you're on LAMS. Save the money and wait until you can get a bigger bike.
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  5. if you want to upgrade then get something fun instead. look for a klx250sf or something.
    once a bike gets to the $3k point you get better money from good negotiation and selling to dumb learners than you do from having 100% perfect mechanical track record
  6. As mentioned, 50cc is unnoticeable.
    By the time you have mucked around with stampduty and transfer fees you could have fixed the bike.

    Learn to do the servicing yourself, its not hard and the ninja is one of the cheaper bikes to service. Aftermarket rotors are ok, I normally go with Metalgear stuff.
  7. idk much about pricing and quality but i try to trust the workshop, because its all i can do, is trust them
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    Fix her, ride the life out if her and upgrade when you can, unless you can recover all your money spent on trade in. As the other post mentioned, you may be getting a much worse problem. Either way you'd have to come to this maintenance point. Yours is just sooner rather than later.

    she is a beaut and smaller cc ninjas seem to hold onto resale market for novice riders. Have a look at bikepoint to get an idea. Re: good dealer....hmmmm let me know if you come across an honest one, I'd like to take a pic with that guy and frame for my Guinness book of records petition.
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  9. Keep it. Maintenance needs to be done on any vehicle so if you trade you'll still be looking at doing it on the next bike. And having had a big service already done down the track can be a selling plus. Keep riding and saving until you can afford a bigger bike.
  10. thankyou all you all given some good advice
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    Keep it and spend some money manking it 'yours'.

    Spend some extra money on suspension, tyres and track days. Even though it's a small capacity bike there is a huge amount of fun to be had with it, especially when you learn to ride it to its full potential.

    Don't stress about it being a carby bike or upgrading too quickly - I am fully licensed but my main bike is an RVF400 - which I am still far from being at a point where my ability is greater than what the bike can do, so why upgrade?

    Plus if you do some research and learn how to do the work yourself you'll save plenty of money and learn a lot about your bike along the way, so I say keep the bike and get your hands dirty
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  12. Or sell your 250cc Ninja to me dirt cheap as It would be an upgrade from my 150cc. Get finance for a Ninja 650. You know you want to.;)
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  13. go back in time and buy a not ninja250 instead
  14. hearing from you guys makes me love her even more

  15. if you're in victoria and thinking of selling it next year, let me know
  16. 2010 is not an old bike. Under 36k kms is not many. Ride it into the ground. When it stops going, get a newer one.
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  18. I'm guessing most replying here haven't ever ridden either bike.

    I have a 300, and my brother had a 250, which I rode a lot. There is a big difference between the two.....not LAMS V Non LAMS kinda of difference, not getting to 100 2 seconds quicker difference, just an overall difference. I'll explain.

    1.) Not sure if this is the case on all the 250's, but it had a smaller rear wheel than my 300. This made cornering more difficult and riding on the highway.
    2.) There is definitely a power/torque bump and you do notice it. Don't believe me, read any comparison on the net. Or go ride a 300.
    3.) Again not sure if they are all like this, but the 250 I was riding had a carbie so was a pain in the bum to get going sometimes in the cold.

    But that's about it TBH.

    In my view, is it worth it to upgrade from a 250 to a 300? No.

    Is it worth getting the 300 over the 250 originally if you can? Definitely.

    If I were I'd save and save for that first big bike. Make it your dream bike.....also, damn 3 years on LAMS is rough. I'm 3 months from my unrestricted and can't wait.
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  19. cheap learner bikes are generally learner bikes that are due for maintenance...those parts are all general wear and tear consumables though, so look at it as though you paid $3800 for the bike with those parts all brand new, and you'll get 20,000km or more out of them....

    my guess is you'll lose the $500 in trading to the newer bike, and it's depreciation will be higher.... and it still may need new sprockets.

    I wouldn't bother.
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  20. Is the $500 for front and rear discs? It seems rather exy. Especially considering there's only 1 at each end. Or if you're worried about cost you could just replace the pads and worry about undersized discs when/if you want to get a roadworthy when you sell it. Do the brakes function well at the moment? As for the 300 vs 250, if I was gonna be on LAMS restrictions for the next 3 years, I would consider upgrading. The 300 sure looks better, has a bit more ooomph and the fuel injection is nice. Just wait until one comes up cheap. They do come up from time to time at around $4k and sell quick at that price. You might be able to trade up losing only $500 or so