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Keep my cruiser or get a sport bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gatti, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    I am trying to decide if I should keep my bike which is a 2011 Hunter Spyder with 4000k's on it or off load it and get something that is more capable in the twisties.

    I have had a look and for the money I'd get for my bike I could get a 2010 model 250 Ninja with around 10 to 15,000k's on it.

    What is regarded as high k's for a Ninja? And are they pretty quick for a learners bike?

    This is my current ride.
  2. I recently upgraded from a Virago to a Z750. Doing this has opened up my riding experience in ways I didn't expect prior to getting on the bike. The more sports-oriented riding position took some getting used to, but now I am comfortable on the bike, I'm noticing the increased agility and sense of stability when leaning the bike.

    When I first started riding, I was dreaming of a C109. After I started commuting I realised that a two-wheeled car was a complete waste of time for me, so started looking at other options. I'm a big fan of VFRs but the Zed was to good a deal to pass up and I'd ridden one before, so knew I liked them.

    I don't think you will go too wrong with a Ninja that has travelled that distance as long as you check the bike over thoroughly for problems. The question I would be asking myself is: How long do I plan to stay on a 250? You might find it is better to serve any restriction times you face and then upgrade. I considered going from the Virago to a Ninja 650 or ER6N in my restricted year, but in the end, waiting on the smaller bike made more financial sense. Of course the heart wants and all that. I know all about that. I'm already looking at my next bike. Sat on a 2013 ZX10 the other day and for a brief moment, I wondered what price I could get for one of my sons (I have twins, so we have a spare:ROFLMAO:).
  3. If you aren't off your restrictions then my recommendation would be to stay with your current ride. Then when you are try something sportier, you'll have a much wider choice.
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  4. Test ride one, if you like it buy it, if you don't then save your money.

    And @Justus moves the thread in 1, 2, 3, 4.............
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  5. One of each. Get a dirt bike as well for a bit more fun.

  6. I kind of disagree with this.

    If you think you want to ride a more sport orientated bike then I would suggest learning this different riding style on a LAMS bike....

    Riding your entire LAMS period on an under-powered cruiser which doesn't handle well - then moving to an un-restricted sport bike might be too much for your riding brain to handle.

    My 2c
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  7. It is a 350cc, its probably got more power than the Ninja.

  8. And definitely more torque.
  9. try a decent cruiser as well
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  10. Farking dibba dobbas
  11. Go for the ER6NL option. 650, sit up and beg, handles reasonably well, good in traffic, decent in twisties, comfortable, decent size for you Gatti, punchy .............. and when you're used to it, undo the screw restrictor and full power!

    Plenty of cheap second hand low mileage ones to look at. You'll be pissed off within a week on a 250 with all that gear changing.

    Ask smileebloke for a test ride ;)
  12. test ride
    test ride
    test ride

    If I took that advice earlier on in my life I would be a few thousand dollars richer.
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  13. Damn straight. I wish my bike didn't have all of those gears to change.

    Should've bought a scooter instead.
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  14. This is now in my driveway :)

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  15. Good choice.
  16. It is ironic that motorcyclists can hate changing gears but hate auto transmissions at the same time. It must frustrate the manufacturers no end since they keep trying to build semi autos for us that continue not to sell.
  17. You know it makes sense .......... i'd even give you the odd nod ;)
  18. Never thought i would be happier to see someone buy a ninja 250. Those hunters look dodgey as all hell i wouldnt touch one with a barge pole.
  19. Question - Kind of off topic but I see the baby "Choppers" all the time.
    The ones that come stock from the factory with the massive rake on the forks and long body with the ape hangers and a tiny engine....
    My question is at the time of purchase why did you buy a 2011 Hunter Spyder?I would feel kinda embarrassed if I was on that and a legit HD or large cruiser pulled up next to me.

    That being said I did my L's on a Suzuki 250 cruiser and I was embarrassed about that... So perhaps its just me.
  20. Any real rider would know that you have to ride that on your restrictions. Only posers would look down on it, or a 250R etc.