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Keep Left Unless Overtaking

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ResmeN, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. http://www.gaskrank.tv/tv/motorrad-fun/tl-1000r-12276.htm

    In this case keep right being EU. How courteous are the road users as soon as they see a red cage behind them they change lanes to make way. I hope this rule gets policed more and more in this country.

    As the road opened I felt like I was accelerating with the rider.

    Also would we ever get autobahns, wishful thinking. Even if we did we'd probably still get dickheads doing the speed limit or below in the overtaking lanes.
  2. Its a pet peeve of mine travelling on NSW rural highways.

    Cant remember how many times Ive had to undertake someone on the left (illegal in an overtaking stretch?) because they were going under the limit to overtake someone who was doing 20kmh under the speed limit, then simply couldnt be bothered to move left afterwards.

    I have endless stories of erratic driver behaviour for what should be the easiest kind of driving.
  3. Autobahns are a nice idea when you can fit three countries into the same space as a Shire Council area in Melbourne......
  4. I think overseas they are just taught to be more courteous and thoughtful to other road users

    Due to the speed limits ( if any ) being more liberal there is non of this "fark you pal your not getting in front of me - if I have to do XYZ speed so do you " attitude that prevails in this country

    here everyone is scared shitless of getting a ticket from the likes of Ken Lays stormtroopers that it actually congests traffic and causes more harm than good in places such as dual carriage way highways and less frequented roads - people spend so much time looking at the speedo that they pay little attention to the road conditions traffic and hazzards
  5. Autobahns are way off the scales for Aus I'm afraid.

    For it to be even considered you'd at the very least need to implement the German licensing system and have it in place for half a generation first.

    Licensing in Australia no where near the German model.
    And this is why they'll never have us drive more than 110 (though 130 in NT I hear)

    Speed limits unfortunately have to be based on the minimum skill level to obtain a license which isn't very high....

  6. all the more reason this country needs them due to the distances we have


    is it easier to be fully concentrated and alert on the road at 150kmph for a short period of time

    or to have to be the same way for double that time due to restriction on speed
  7. Pet peeve of mine too. I was just so amazed throughout my last trip to Europe that while a car is cruising in the overtaking lane (that's what they call the furthest right lane/s of multi lane roads, seems such a foreign word now) the moment they spot a car closing the gap on them in their rear view mirror they switch lanes to allow the faster car to get thru. None of this horn, hi beam, stick your arm out bullshit gestures that unfortunately we see on a daily basis here. Only complete and knowledgeable sharing of the road. The road isn't anyone's it is everybody's why is it so fkn hard to share it properly.

    The only time I witnessed a tension in driver behavior was at an attempted undertake by myself due to being used to overtaking on the right in AU but in Europe it's from the left.

    Due to occupying such a huge area the travel times and distances between major cities is huge. How good would it be if the MEL-SYD run could be done in 5-6 hours instead of 8-10 hours. Agreed the licensing system needs to be overhauled but before that dickheads cruising in the right lanes of multilane roads have to gtfa from there and use the other empty lanes unless overtaking. For this to happen cops need to bloody start policing this law but even before that the driving school instructors have to etch "keep left unless overtaking" in to their pupils heads.

    Btw bikes and exotic cars would have a ball on that road as can be seen in the vid.
  8. It's taken over 30 years to get dual-lane highway between Sydney and Melbourne, and God-knows how much that's all cost, we don't have the taxation base to fund an autobahn between Sydney and Goulburn, let alone over 1,000 kms

    and in the mean time air fares, (understanding that the Airlines are all running at a loss) have plumented to less than the cost of petrol for the same distance

    it just isn't going to happen, and the skill argument has nothing to do with it.....
  9. Even adding more 2 lane overtaking stretches would help immensely, plus raising speed limits by 20kmh in many areas.

    These are very sensible and feasible things to do.

    In fact around the south coast there has been a lot of roadworks, adding little strips of ashphalt onto the side of the existing road. I couldnt help but think if they only added 1 more metre they could have put another overtaking lane in.
  10. Funding isn't there to afford an autobahn that's okay. How about the governments lends money to fund it or looks for other sources of income. The autobahn would connect in stages the first Mel-Syd then Syd-Bne and lastly Mel-Adl.

    But seeing it took 30 years to get a dual-lane carriageway between Mel-Syd I have no hope in my lifetime an autobahn is a reality, hope it will though.

    If we don't get an autobahn as it is fiscally not viable then they should educate and toughen the licensing system for future drivers/riders so they stick to the left then perhaps they could increase the speed limit of the arterial roads between above 4 cities.
  11. LOL

    Autobahn in this country will never happen.

    They give away licenses in cereal boxes, the government is more focused on revenue than safety and as this thread highlights a lot of people haven't mastered keeping left yet, how the f*** are they going to deal with higher speeds?
  12. Keep left unless overtaking should be second nature, but it is not promoted/taught/enforced in any way. IMO it is one of the most common causes of road rage, because there is nothing worse when sitting behind an a-hole that can't move over.

    It is just bloody courtesy and not being self-centered.
  13. This is also my #1 hatred on the road with #2 being people failing to indicate (which they're about to make a zero demerit point offence so lets watch it increase).

    I've realised in NSW that people simply don't look in their rear view mirrors on the freeway at all, which is why the HWP are able to go to town booking people from behind.

    I reckon this is a huge cause of accidents, I see it every weekend where some prick won't move and it forces every car behind him to undertake which massively disrupts the flow of traffic and puts everyone at huge risk.

    The other massive contributor we have here besides the 3rd world licensing standards is the 3rd world standard vehicles that somehow manage to get through rego and boy do they stand out on the freeway.. The amount of cars that simply can't do 110 is amazing. In Sydney atleast on every freeway the breakdown lanes are littered with abandoned hunks of crap that have failed on the freeway. These holidays I would have seen about 20+ cars with trailers pulled over with a back wheel off the trailer, my guess being wheel baring failure to do poor (aka zero) maintenance. As someone who's owned plenty of modified cars over the years this infuriates me because the cops come down sooo hard on immaculately done up cars but yet turn a blind eye to grossly unroadworthy cars/trucks/trailers.

  14. I can vouch for this. When I went for my P test for the car I wasn't tested on.. anything really..

    I was made to do 80 on a highway, go around a few corners and go back to fill in forms.

    "Right, you've passed." "You can't be serious..?"

    I was actually overly disgusted :-s
  15. Well the fact that learners never get a chance to learn how to overtake, given they are restricted to 80 doesnt help
  16. Not the case in most states mainly nsw
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    Keep left allows for this:

  18. While-ever law enforcement is fixated on speed, people dawdling along at below the limit in the fast lane are never going to be pulled over and fined, so the warning signs to that effect are just expensive roadside clutter.....
  19. Do you know how expensive the autobahn is to build? The concrete is metres thick, there are limits of how steep the gradient can be and also limits on how sharp corners can be, it's a huge engineering feat and costs a hell of a lot of money to continue to run as well (they have 24 hour helicopter assistance for accidents as well)... It's not financially viable for us to build. We have a much larger country with much less people in it. Our roads are fine, but I agree the drivers not so much.


    Interesting video on the autobahn.
  20. It's been determined in above posts that an autobahn will more than likely never happen in our country due to costs and length of roads required.

    Not all our roads are fine but at least they could fix the major arterial roads which have potholes, bumps etc more frequently to give interstate traffic a smoother travel experience.

    Agreed drivers are not so much..