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N/A | National Keep left if not overtaking

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Big W, May 28, 2012.

  1. Hi Group.

    On double lane roads or highways, is it law you have to keep left if not overtaking or is it only in speed zones 80 & above?

    Just that I was in the right lane in a 60 zone & had a tool driving up my cloacker flashing/swearing etc, to get out of his way. Was I the tool here?
  2. Not illegal but courtesy and etiquette... depending on the situation though.
  3. it's LAW.

    80 and above unless signed
  4. Incorrect. It's over 80 kph or if there is a sign saying keep left.
  5. Fixed, which in reality means 90 and above. On an 80kph road you may use either lane.

    However, it's polite to allow faster road users to pass in the right hand lane if traffic is congested but not crawling.
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    Yes you were a tool, no you weren't braking the law.

    No different to escalator or foot path etiquette.

    I'm quite shocked you don't know this W.
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  7. Yeah, I never thought it was 'law' (unless signposted), but I was in the right lane and no other congestion so I s'pose I was just being an a-hole! He could've gone round though, seriously! Surely I shouldn't have to move over just for the sake of it!

    I get the escalator of footpath ettiquette. I'll know now for future reference.
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    Also if you're filtering this is far more important. To get overtaken by someone in the motorbike lane and then slowed down by them up the road rubs people up the wrong way big time.

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  9. Yup tool, keep left, why would you sit in the right lane? Just courtesy etc to move the hell over; In vic

    130. Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road
    (1) This rule applies to a driver driving on a multi-lane road if—
    (a) the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of road where the
    driver is driving is over 80 kilometres per hour; or
    (b) a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length of road where
    the driver is driving.
  10. He was the tool, especially if the left lane was empty. We don't just start going mental at people who are doing the speed limit in the right hand lane on a 60kph road (ie obeying the law) even if we do think it would be nice for them to move over. He needed to take a chill pill.

    Besides, I'm sure you know as well as I do that, for motorcycles, there are good reasons to be in the right lane on a two lane road. More visibility of side streets, especially if there are parked cars. More distance from parked cars that might suddenly pull out, not to mention anything coming unexpectedly onto the road from the side walk. In suburban Melbourne, a lot of side streets are essentially blind intersections.

    Sure, move over if necessary to let someone pass when there is other traffic around. But if the left lane is perfectly free, fuck him. Don't let him bully you because his wife ran off with his best friend or because he's just come over from the UK and hasn't bothered to learn our road laws.

    Edit: I'm bracing for a backlash!
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  11. It's over 90 km/h in Western Australia ...
  12. Nothing pisses me off more than someone sitting in the right lane doing under the limit and not moving over, especially when there is room.
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  13. I'd say you should have been in the left lane, but the other guy was a tool for flashing/swearing.
  14. what difference does it make.
    have motorbike. always room.
  15. Big W as others have said, not law but good road manners. I call it lazy driving/riding, same as not bothering to indicate in my book.

    Sometimes I'll sit in the right lane for buffering/road surface reasons (driveways, side roads etc) but if there's faster traffic coming up behind (rare) I will pull to the inside lane.

    I guess this comes in part from my UK driving experience (where I learnt to drive) where it is illegal to undertake on any road. To sit in the outside lane whilst there are faster vehicles behind you means you are either holding them up or forcing them to break the law to get around you.

  16. If someone is behind you and wants to get past, pull over and let them. Its 1/2 a second out of your day and with a bit of luck you'll get a laugh a couple of miles up the road when theyre talking to the cops.
    If you check your mirrors, you'll see them coming and move over before they get there, you never know if theyre on the phone or have their head up their arse.
  17. If the other car had changed lanes to the left... Then changed back into the right to get in front of you... Would that be considered undertaking... :grin:

    I recall seeing on the RTA website a demerit point offense related to traveling in the right lane for extended periods of time; however uncertain whether if this was "all the time" or over xkms only etc.. On train at the moment, so can't check.

    But ... Personally... "Get ooowwt orf ze vhey..!!" If u want to take a leisurely cruise u can do that equally as leisurely in the left lane...
  18. ok here's the snip from the RTA website (NSW)

    Ambiguous really... since 129 refers to situations other than multi-lane roads, and the above doesn't appear to carry any points.. since 130 only lists 2 offenses which carry points

    .. and 129 is for non-multi-lane situations..... as well as...

    Even with all of the above in mind.. do we really want to start going into the "Just because you're not breaking the law, doesn't mean you're not wrong/tool/annoying/inconsiderate" debate..
  19. Totally agree with Jack. Etiquette is keep left unless overtaking generally. But if you're on the speed limit and other lanes are clear.. he's the one which has broken 2 laws - road rage/bullying and speeding. There's no bigger tool than somewhere who brakes the law and then blames everyone else.

    P.S that last paragraph, wasn't from personal experience was it? :p