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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by zetabiker, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hi! Nice to meet all the Netrider australian community!
    i'm Sandro ,i'm 25 and i'm writing from italy...i'm preparing to come in melbourne next year to restart a new life and find a place where stay and were open a new motorbike garage , 'cause i'ma a bike mechanic here in italy...
    i've got a Kawasaki Z1000 now but i'll wanna take a Aprilia TUONO 1000 R next time...i'll love the incredible handling and the powerful engine of that bike :LOL: :cool:
    i'm searching for new friends to meet when i'll come, and to start to know the australian motorbike community difference like the italian bikers.
    for all questions and all that you want ask me i'm here...
    have a nice day all! :LOL:

  2. Ciao!

    Come va?

    Welcome to Netrider and a premature welcome to Melbourne ;)
  3. :shock: incredibile qualcuno parla italiano? :cool:
    grazie per il comment almeno qualcuno mi risponde.... :)
    sto organizzando di trasferirimi in zona melbourne e inizio ad entrare nellamentalita' e nelle conoscenze se posso... che si racconta laggiu'? :LOL:
  4. I can understand Italian well enough, but I can't speak it anymore :(

  5. If you want to get lots of friends & customers, make
    sure you come to Melbourne & give us good discounts to us. smiley_peace.

    You help us out. We'll help you out. naughty-1.

  6. Sorry bud, I'm Greek :)
  7. Welcome Sandro :)
    Keep an eye on our mechanical questions section for us - thanks! :LOL:
  8. welcome mate but cant say that i would be happy for you to come over and start sweet talking all our women. :evil:

    Before you know it they will all wanted to be treated that way :grin:
  9. Melbourne!?!? don't go there, too many kangaroos and crocodiles on the road! :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Yes indeed, Melbourne is the world's only neon-lit graveyard; come to Sydney :).

    Welcome to Netrider :).
  11. giggle. The Rocketeer
  12. Salve Sandro,

    Piacere. (prego, scusa il mio povero italiano )

    Mi chiamo Rob.

    Bene venuti a Netrider. Da qualco parte tu vienni?

    Speriamo che tu arriva in Australia con buona salute e armi forte per che ci sono tanti motocilisti (????) con motocicletta italiani. Aprilia e Ducati piu del resto.

    Non ascolta Rocketeer. Sta scherzando con te.

    Allora, suggero isco che tu venite a Melbourne perche Sydney puzzo (???) troppo e non e come bei. ahahahahhahahaaaa :grin:

    Allora, speriamo che il tuo transferare va subito e e' molto simplice.

    Quanto ti arriva in melbourne Australia, facciamo un cafe. :)

    Ciao Sandro.

    [Basic translation, welcome to netrider. Hope you come in good health and with strong arms, coz there's lots of italian bike riders, maily Aprilia and Ducati. I suggest you come to melbourne, coz sydney stinks and isn't as beautiful! LMAO. Hope the transfer goes smoothly. When you lob into Melbourne, we'll have a coffee.]... :-k I think that's what I said :LOL:
  13. :cool: thanks at all for the reply!!
    i'll expere to come in the autumn (in australia, here was summer) but i'll start now to find new friends!
    so , if one of you wanna come in italy don't forget to contact me!!! :)