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Keep an eye out for this scumbag

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Maetrik, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Teen motorist fights for life after hit-run in Blackburn

    A TEENAGE motorcycle rider is fighting for life after a hit-run in Melbourne's east.

    The 19-year-old rider ran into the driver’s door of a ute which had just turned south off Packham St onto Middleborough Rd in Blackburn about 8.30pm.

    The driver of the grey or silver Ford tray ute continued driving and didn’t stop to help.

    The motorcyclist, from Doncaster East, was taken to The Alfred hospital with life threatening injuries.

    Police have urged anyone who saw the incident or who has seen a silver or grey Ford ute with damage to the driver’s door to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

  2. If the cyclist survives, and please God I hope they do, they should get hand that driver a savage beat down.

    It's not like he wouldn't know if he actually hit the door. No excuses, coward.
  3. surely that counts as a hit and run, there is no way you cold not notice someone slamming into your door.
  4. depends how pissed you are?
  5. There must have been other drivers around on Middleborough Rd at that time. Hopefully someone comes forward and identifies the bastard.
  6. Exactley some should have seen it,19 its not right no age is hope he pulls through.
  7. i was that age a few months ago, its a sad situation.
    ive had a few situations wich could have turned into this.
    my thoughts are with his family. its an unfortunate luck of the draw
  8. Hope the guy is back up on his feet soon! My thoughts are with him and his family.
  9. This sux. It's a T intersection terminating at Packam Street from what I can see on Google Maps.
    I hope the rider pulls through ok.
    I also hope the driver has the guts to turn himself in.
  10. That is sickening.. i hope the bloke can recover, and the driver gets done.
  11. Hope he gets well, and make a full recovery.

    As for the oxygen thief, karma is a biatch and I hope she hurries the F up.
  12. Sickening that there are people who could leave the scene of a serious accident. Sounds like the guy is serious, who knows what benefit some initial assistance or first aid might have been.

    The penalties are nowhere near serious enough for this kind of thing. Accidents happen and, even when caused by idiotic behaviour and alcohol, they are generally without malice; but the scum that leave the scene have intentionally committed a crime.
  13. It's worse than sickening...to be forced to believe the undeniable fact that there are people of this low a caliber amongst us.

    I hope our fellow rider, lives on well, wins the lottery, is set for life, and his future son goes on to become the chief of police. But never forgets how lucky he is to be there after what that gutless prick did to his Dad!
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  14. ^ Hear, hear.