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Keep abusing my bandit :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by art, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Hi All!

    Basicaly subj :) Riding for just couple of weeks. So far everything was good - trying to get used to bike, gain confidence, practicing mainly late evening (no traffic) and really enjoing riding. Yesterday discovered that parking nearby is empty (usually lots of cars even after 10pm) and decided to practice u-turns and all that slow stuff. Guess what - dropped bike :( Well, not actually dropped - rather more or less gently laid it down on the left side (zero speed). No visible damage at all. Nevertheless some strange symptoms:
    1) After dropping engine refused to start. After 5-6 attempts it finaly started only after i gave plenty of throttle. Then tried to switch it of and start again - OK, but engine behaved/sounded as if it's cold (could not be cold after 30km ride + 20 minutes doing u-turns).
    2) Rear brakes stopped working - pushed it all the way down - no resistance and no braking. Again after 10-15 tries brakes gradually started working.

    Luckily that parking is just 1-2km from my place so I ride bike gently back home without any more adventures. Anyway I felt as bike power is dropped a little, bike was not as responsive to throttle as before (possibly it is my imagination though).

    I'm not quite technical (at least with bikes) so wondering what's could be wrong and how serious it is. Of course I understand that I must take bike to professional to look at. Here comes another question - does anynody know decent service somewhere in Sydney east (Bondi Junction - Rose Bay)? So far I know only Close motorcycles in Redfern but it's a bit far anyway.
  2. Hey mate,

    Well at least you can say you got your first drop out of the way.

    Very interesting reading this, I had pretty much the same stuff happen to my first bike when I rolled it over. I was going at a fair speed but still same stuff. Breaks didnt work and less power. I ahve a few mates work over @ sydneyctymotorcycles.com.au..its a honda dealership but they will provide you with all answers and how to fix it next time. They also do courses for self service.

    I live in Bondi and am trying to organise group riding in the eastern suburbs if your interested?


  3. sydneyctymotorcycles? Which one? Lane Cove?

  4. Yeah lanecove would be your best bet. There is one down South near sutherland but lane cove have a bigger service desk.

    Good luck mate
  5. The brake thing is fine. When you bang a fully floating caliper then you can push the pistons back. Pumping the brake is the solution. If it fades again then you may have a problem.

    as to the power loss, it could be a number of things.

    Did it still seem to be running cold after the ride home?

    Initial rough running could be explained by the float bowls draining when the bike was tipped over. sometimes float needles stay up when this ting happens too.
  6. Just sounds like you may have flooded the carbies a little thats all. This should resolve itself, as for the brakes just pump them several times and this too should fix it. If not then perhaps some air may have been trapped in the lines and my need to be bled.
  7. OK. Story is continuing :( Laid the poor thing again (such an idiot!) - now cleaning/lubing chain. Result: can't start engine at all. Moreover, almost drained out battery trying to start.

    Google search showed that most probably problem is indeed in flooded carbies. People recommended to check/clean sparkplugs. Had no problems changing sparkplugs in a car but here whole engine is under the fuel tank :( and almost inaccessible. Worth doing yourself or better hire some kind of transport and take baby to the doctor?
  8. At least you're doing gentle drops! I'd be sending it to a shop coz I'm clueless when it comes to fixing them! Keep trying with the riding when your baby's fit again.
  9. That happens with most bikes, tipping them upside down floods the engine. Even happens with injected bikes. Leave it still for ten minutes and it seems to go fine.

    Battery's flat now? No problemo, those little 250s are fun to push start! :grin:
  10. Have you got a "pri" or "prime" setting on your fuel tap?

    If you emptied the bowls then you will need to set it to this to fire it up again.

    Also don't worry if you have to crank it a bit to get it to start the firts time.

    so charge that battery up good.
  11. If it is flooded, try turning the tap to off when you go to start it and give it some throttle. That way it use up any left over fuel and get some air in to lean the flood off.
  12. No "pri". Just "on" and "reserve", nothing else. Regarding battery - it's under the seat. Does anybody know how to open/remove it in GSF250 ? No visible buttons/key holes/etc :(
  13. This is a easy fix so dont stress to much. As mentioned switch of fuel. Let the bike sit for 10-15mins. Go to start it, perhaps try a little choke, obviously onced your battery has been charged. Or try push starting or jump starting. Once it fires switch off choke, keeps revs up and then switch on fuel again. Give that a try. If it still wont start then the spark plugs may also be fouled with fuel so you may have to let it sit for a hour or two then try again or remove spark plugs and give a clean, but thats a last resort.
  14. Turn the key the opposite way in the helmet lock (near pillion peg?), and the seat should pop up, at least that's how it was on my early bandit 250.