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Keen to go 'Greenlaning' on the DRZ SM. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by GhettoNinja, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Anyone know of good places to take the SM off-road for a bit of fun? Large grassed area's with stuff to launch off would be ideal

  2. A nearby national park can be fun.
  3. Golf course?
  4. Any football field.
  5. All semingly good options however I forgot to add "...without getting the cops called on you". I've been eyeing off lots of parks around Balmain longingly but I think it fails the last requirement pretty badly
  6. Look up nearby four wheel drive tracks. Air down your tires a bit, and avoid stuff that is too hilly. Hills are scary on the SM because the front wheel is fat and offers you minimal traction, even with knobbies. Be prepared to drop your bike.

    If you are keen, grab some Avon Distanzias or Pirelli MT60s (I have the MT60s):

  7. @RuKu How are these MT60s on road?
  8. Cheers Ruku. I'm going to be sad the first time I drop my bike as it's pretty clean atm but hey that's the price of admission I guess

    Yeah was also wondering how much you give up grip etc on the road with dual-purpose tyres?
  9. Disclaimer - I don't push it on the road. But for what it's worth:-

    I changed to the MT60s from the stock dunlops about a month ago. I was going to go Avon Distanzia but my mechanic thought these would be better. MT60s are derived from Supermoto wets.

    I quite like them on the road compared to stock. They tip in very decisively, which gives me confidence through turns. As they are wets, they should handle well in the rain, too.
  10. gotta clean your air filter after too