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Keen rider/golfer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by listek, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I only wish I had have had a camera at the ready for this one, but just now I'm sitting at my desk reading the Netrider forum and a guy rides past on a bike with a set of golf clubs strapped to the back! The bag was hanging a fair way past the back of the bike of course. I'd be thinking that carrying a load like that wouldn't be exactly legal so I hope the cops don't see him. I'm thinking now it's a sign from god that I shouldn't be at work and should instead be out doing either of my favourite things - riding my bike or chasing the little white ball on my favourite course. :grin:

  2. Sounds like OldBellHelmet :LOL: :LOL:

    Listek you are commanded to ditch the office and have some fun :grin:
  3. in summer i went to the beach a couple of times with my bodyboard in a bag on my back...

    its ok untill you get to about 60kmh where you
    1. have lift
    2. act like a huge air brake

    other than that its fine!
  4. I played golf once. I wore my sandles, course rules said socks. THEY MADE ME WARE SOCKS AND SANDLES.

    haven't played golf since.
  5. It's not lift, it's excessive drag.

    It was Mark Twain who said, "golf is a good walk ruined", he must have seen me play. :LOL:
  6. sweeet setups. :LOL: .... aaawwwweeesome
  7. I used to work at a private golf course - had a corporate group of about 20 people come in, only about 5 wearing stuff remotely resembling the rules at this place, ended up making a couple of thousand off trousers + shoes :shock: needless to say they didn't make a booking for next year :wink:
  8. you right there.
    ive never actually dragged the bag as mines too big.. and then theres the golf bag.. :grin:
    played with a mate and rider who uses a range bag that carries about 6 clubs and have been thinking of getting one for this very reason. they're cheap as chips and you look too good to need the big pretty bag.
  9. Good quality golf bats and all the other expenses are way too much money to not spend on bikes and riding. Swearing and cussing at a small white ball is an odd way to spend an afternoon. Hitting the apex of a corner just right is more my idea of satisfying fun.

    Just ride to somewhere nice and go for a long walk along a beach, through the bush or up a trail to a lookout.
  10. never been to a driving range have you
  11. In amongst all the cursing and swearing, the bashing of clubs on the ground, handy trees or any other nearby suitable object, is the perfect shot of the afternoon. It's that shot, where unlike most of your other efforts of the round, the ball makes intimate contact with the sweet spot of the club, then sweeps high into the air finally landing close to your chosen target. It's the shot where for the first time that day you stand back and admire your breathtaking abilities as a golfer, instead of your miserable inadequacies as a hacker. It's that shot that keeps you coming back to chase the white ball all over again.
  12. couldnt have said it better.. one good one every few thousand usually works
  13. ATGATT!!!
  14. Ha haaa

    Today I saw a scooter with a surfboard strapped along the side & 3ft out the back. Should have had a red flag attached!!!!
  15. seriously saw this on wednesday at the golf course near rose bay, Sydney. Full set strapped over the back, and riding no dramas. At least if the dude got cut off he would have some good weapons to write off the driver. May i suggest the 3 iron sir...