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Kedron + Cops = Lame. (lost)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Niven, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Anyone been on the M4? Its a section of highway that leads into Brisbane CBD through some commercial areas and some CBD outskirt areas. Doesn't go through any residential areas.

    On a major intersection of Kedron there is a huge construction site - they have needed so much room it seems they have cut down the signed speed limit.

    Ive been riding the better part of 9 years - 3 on the road. In my experience if its 4 lanes, free flowing, non residential - its a 100km zone. WRONG! Its a 60.

    Ive just been done for riding 30 over the limit because there's no signs. Well theres 1. On the left outside edge of a right bend.. useful to bikes MUCH? - I went back and looked.

    Do I have any chance in court? Ive done a google search and found a couple complaints about this particular issue and still nothing? Anyone got advice as to how to get out of it?

    Best Ive heard so far is to go to court and have the officer recount the event with a different helmet next to you - ask him what helmet you were wearing - lol when he points at the one next to yourself and then explain to the court that the officer does not recall the event accurately as this "point" helmet was purchased only 2 weeks ago???

    Help :-O

    Stupid Brisbane.

    P.s: Road was clear, was early morning and there were 2-3 cars on the road from what I saw. I didnt pass anyone so I cant exact how many were on the road. Will moving with traffic work? Either way I could have been done TBH - going 60 in 100 = obstruction of traffic going 100 in 60 = speeding. How stupid.
  2. Re: Kedron + Cops = Lame.

    Can I clarify exactly where you were? The M4 is a highway in Sydney, not Brisbane. Since you come from the Sunshine Coast, I am assuming you mean the M3, more commonly known as Gympie Rd, that allows you to enter Brisbane from the north?

    Secondly, are you referring to the roadworks in place for the Northern Busway / Airport Link? It's the only major roadworks going on in Kedron at the moment.

    I don't know how much luck you will have in court - especially since the 100 zone ends some 10kms prior at Carseldine, and the road is heavily signposted as 70km to Chermside and then 60km after that. I don't actually think Kedron is closer than 10km to any 100 zone, so I'm not sure how you got mixed up.

    To be honest I would have thought the speed limit would still be 40, since the roadworks involve some significant re-alignment and the road is quite different to what it was just a few months ago.

    But... I might be thinking of the wrong place, or you might be meaning somewhere else, because something doesn't add up here:?
  3. Re: Kedron + Cops = Lame.

    I was also thinking that.
  4. M3 - My bad.. not from brisbane..............

    I was leaving brisbane, not entering

    Where im from signs indicating traffic are in the middle and sides of the roads, not just on the sides, now that I think about it, drawing peoples attention to the left as there turing right is actually a really bad idea..

    Funny thing is though - On the way out of brisbane on the same stretch of badly marked road. A week earlier. I recieved a ticket for doing 92 in a 60 via mounted permanent camera for doing 90 in a 60. Got one ticket from a cop - then a week later got a ticket for speeding the week prior to revieving a ticket from the cop in the mail.

    So TWO tickets. A quick letter to dept of transport saying there was no signs had the first ticket gone.. apparently it happens a lot. Yet the court date remains :/ How do I explain that to a judge???

    P.s: I believe the construction is going on at the turn off to lutwytch road?? I was just pulled over in kedron - he followed me abit lol
  5. Photographs are your friend.

    Try to make sure they are date & time stamped to show when they were taken.
  6. That still doesn't make sense. There's no 100 zones anywhere near Kedron in either direction.

    Granted, it's a wide road, but it's got fairly heavy traffic most hours of the day...what time of night were you going through???
  7. Sigh, yes well done. If there were 100 zones I wouldnt have this problem....

    0620 and 1855 :/ Both times it was clear as.. as shown in photographs lol.
  8. yea i know that road to.

    Doing 100 along that road is over the top. If you where doing 70, you might have a leg to stand on. That bit of road was never and will never be a 100k zone.

    I always asume the speed limit is 60 (50 for built up areas) unless otherwise signed. Especially along that stretch of road from Kedron to Carseldine, as there is always a good chance of a speed camera.

    Only option is to prove you need the bike for work, and you might get your licence back with 0 points.
  9. The section near Lutwytch road is all 60 and it's not 100 untill you pass the bunnings at Carseldine. I've never done anywhere near 100 in that area.