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Keddies law firm.... WTF?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by browny, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. No fcuking way I'd like to keep my kidneys

  2. Only if i was guaranteed to lose :)

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  1. G'day Guys,

    Just found this article in todays Sydney Morning Herald on Keddies (the insurance law specialists) wank, wank.......... WTF :shock: :shock:
    They charge $98 to read a fricken email :shock:
    and $147 to look at 11 photos :shock: :evil:

    I ask you how the fcuk do they sleep at night!!!

    they even charged him for making a call on his mobile to his wife in their meeting

    Full bill here: http://www.smh.com.au/pdf/keddies.pdf

    Comments please...

    I've got one already fcuk Keddies :evil:
  2. Very well I suspect.
  3. On top of a pile of money, with many beautiful women.
  5. As if you'd take a Law firm called 'Keddies' seriously...
  6. Lawyers are expensive - I thought everyone knew that? :p
  7. Some much more than others.....
  8. Keddies..... sounds like a breakfast cereal, doesn't it?
  9. My personal favourite from this Keddies story is the $40 legal bill to forward a $56 medical fee reimbursement cheque from NRMA.
  10. So..who wants to hear the lawers on the bottom of the sea joke?
  11. So everybody in the office is charged out at $490 per hour??? :?

    WTF :?
  12. What got me was the lawyer charging each of the 3 $490 per hour to travel to and from the court case....... Obviously when the lawyer knocks on the pearly gates st peter will be there with a wheelchair for him because he will have billed out over 400years during his lifetime....
  13. so many ridiculous charges in that bill. however, there is one problem...
    if you signed that its ok to charge you $100,000 beforehand, how can you cry foul afterwards? unless something expected was not provided, of which there is no mention. case of greedy taking advantage of the stupid?
  14. $45,000 for the daughter and $75,000 for the mother for Nervous shock.

    Just sounds like thieves stealing off thieves .

    The people that should be upset ,is you and me their stealing of us ..next time you pay $400 for your green slip ,it's to pay for the mother and daughters new pair of shoes and holidays their having on the EASY CASH they got..

    Just the way I read it.
  15. Welcome to the world of legal bills.

    Anyone who has got divorced can tell you of horrific looking charges on their bills. It's expensive. But then again, sometimes worth the expense :LOL:
  16. What we need is a "frivolous law suite" fine.

    A fine that can be applied to either the winner of the looser of a case, whether they instigated it or not. It could be applied to either of the clients and their representative.

    the fine would be implemented by the judge/magistrate if they believe the case should never have come to court.

    There would then be a lot less cases in court and law would be a lot less sort after profession.

    the problem is most of our politicians are lawyers so they would never introduce something like this.