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Keanu Reaves is Immortal

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. All the proof is here:

    The truth is out there.

  2. the truth might, indeed, be out there, but it's NOT out THERE :LOL:
  3. laughed myself silly when I saw it.

    You're up late hornet.
  4. Stranger things have happened? 8-[

  5. He is actually jesus.

  6. That chick in the backgrounds got some long earrings going alright.
  7. Notice there is water in the bottle and wine in the glass?

  8. she dropped her pen earlier and never found it.

  9. Hahaha...he is indeed Jesus...
  10. Interesting info Lilley.
    I respect any person who offers their earnings to good causes, like feeding the poor, healing cure their diseases etc. My opinion of him has lifted from the low's it once was.

    Approximately 7yrs ago, Keanu and his entire entourage had fully booked out First Class on a flight I was operating on, off memory Los Angeles --> Hong Kong. Naturally, all of us, particularly the flight attendants, were eager to meet him and have a chat. I won't describe in any detail whatsoever the 'excitement' the females were experiencing in their quest to meet the superstar.....

    As the flight progressed, we kept checking up on Keanu, ensuring he and team were well looked after and were accommodated in the best way we could provide an onbaord VIP - we are known as having one of the best First Class Cabins/Service worldwide after all.

    It didn't take long for all females to express their disgust in his behaviour. He was abusive, expressive in using the 'F' word on several occasions, and came across as a total arrogant pr*ck. It was indeed interesting that they ALL thought this.

    Well, now I respect Keanu a little more for his deeds..but Jesus ? LOL
  11. Dude he turned water into wine. He is jebus
  12. I so just fell off my chair laughing.
    Now my ass hurts.
  13. Misery loves company

  14. HAHAHAHAHAH :rofl: to both pics!
  15. This thread, and that website, are absolute class! :D

  16. ROFL HAHAHA love it.
  17. As a Jedi, he also has the " force " on his side .