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KBC VR2R Stealth Graphic Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by v-petn, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have this helmet and can give me a review on it? I'm a small guy and need a helmet that actually has a small helmet shell...

    Does anyone if it's noise when riding, what's the build quality like?

  2. Hey mate hows it goin? I havent got this exact helmet, i have the vr2 dragon. In essence they are the same helmet with a different paint job.

    Now, the helmets are really comfortable once their worn in.
    their very light and dont give any neck strain at all, however they are quite nosiy at highway speed, im not tryin to talk you out of it, i love my kbc hemelt, its awesome. but just a tad nosiy, it doesnt bother me too much to be honest anyway.

    good luck with you purchase.

    P.S i love the look of the vr2 aswell, but thats just me.
  3. I think the VR2R is the new and improved version of the VR2. The cool designs on them is what really attracted me to them and the not to dear price.

    This one looks cool.

  4. thanks for the replies guys...

    yeah nosiy helmets would bother me after a while... i think i will research a bit further... maybe mapy a bit extra and look into shoei...
  5. Hey i have the exact helmet you posted a pic of.

    Its good, its the only one ive owned..its not so loud? i usually close the vents up when im riding. its really not fogged up on me. I did a fair bit of research on DOT/SNELL accreditations etc before deciding to buy it. I got it with a free helmet bag (never use it) and a free tinted visor worth $70 for a little less than $399 at bike biz in parramatta.

    I guess the only thing i;ve noticed about it is that i can somtimes feel wind rushing into my right ear, i usually have my Ipod in the left side.
  6. Started off with a KBC helmet, quite good for their price.
  7. yup i'd say the price point is spot on for a first helmet, i'd say that was a big factor in me buying it as well. I didnt want to skimp on a helmet, i didnt want to pay too much either.
  8. Obviously the most important question is... will a stealth helmet make me invisible to radar?
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  10. I have said this more than once but will say it once again.

    FIT is the first thing you need to worry about, the KBC is better if it fits you better than the Shoei.
  11. I have the VR2 airborne. I chose the VR2 out of fit out of the 'cheaper' helmets. It didn't bind at the top of the head or feel loose in areas.

    Airflow is less then impressive from the very small ducts. For some reason the open/close on the front of the helmet does absolutely nothing in blocking airflow around the mouth.

    On a rating of helmets in crash protection (I can't remember the link), the VR2 also scores very low.

    IMHO try to stretch your budget into the next level, I'm wishing I had invested more into better helmet, rather than going and buying another which I'll be doing soon.

    And yes, fit is the most important.
  12. Of course fit is the most important but surely can't be the decider. Would you buy a helmet that fits well but looks like crap or is noisy when riding?
  13. You're right, spending a bit extra is worth it if the helmet fits well and has a higher protection during a crash... either way I will try on a lot of helmets before i decide...
  14. Looks are subjective, today's funky graphics job is tomorrow's fashion disaster.


    Noisy when riding, guess what riding is fcuking noisy! Wear earplugs or don't go over 30kmh.

    Fit is the first thing and is not negotiable, once you have that then you can look at graphics, noise, etc.
  15. Did you not read my post? I acknowledge that fit is important but is not the only decider when chosing a helmet... It's pretty obvious that it has to fit... Fit would be the first thing on the checklist but as I stated, not the only thing to look at...

    Great attitude mate, not sh*t riding is noisey.. But as I've read on the other threads that this can cause deafness... So am I wrong for wanting to find a helmet that produces the least amount of noise?
  16. Calm down, all helmets are noisy. :roll:

    You asked for an opinion and you got mine. As far as I am concerned all helmets I have used have been noisy [AGV, Shoei, KBC & a couple of cheapies]. Some slightly less than others but if you are worried about noise buy earplugs.

    I selected AGV because it was the best fit. I then had a huge choice of graphics from which to choose.
  17. Sorry didn't mean to come across like that... yeah earplugs is an option.

  18. even the so-called quiet lids are over 100db at 170km/ph
  19. No worries, I use an i-pod. :cool:
  20. the noise doesn't bother me, going deaf does lol

    I will need to find decent comfy ear plugs to wear when riding longer distance or for going over 80km (which I won't be doing cos I'm still on my L's :grin: