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KBC-VR2 or the SHARK RSF2i?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Owen, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. I think my comp is playing funny buggers so dont know if i posted this already?

    Just wondering if anyone has either helmet and which one they reccomend. The kbc is solid mould fibreglass and the shark is that ribbed fibreglass stuff that breaks away on impact.

    Thanks again,Owen :grin:
  2. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/gearbox/hatz/index.html

    and i posted this :wink:

    read through it an see what you think. my impression is that ALL helmets do a good job, some just perform better under certain circumstances and worse in others. trick would to pick which way you think you might stack, which is utterly impossible, so pick the helmet that fits the best :wink:
  3. oh yeah, link was pulled from a thread from today that you might have missed by about 10 minutes on the recent posts list. do a search and see what pops up...
  4. Had a look at the Shark RSX yet?
  5. My first road helmet was the Shark rsf.
    It was quiet, comfy and the visor was easy to remove. The only prob was after about a year the cheek pads started to feel really loose and the helmet started to move around a bit even at road legal speeds (it was a snug fit to start with too). I thought I liked the seat belt style buckle to start with. After a while I grew to hate it.

    I've had two of KBC-VR2 hemlets, they are a great helmet. I've heard (barely) that other people say they are a loud helmet. I don't find them overly noisy myself. Great fit, washable cheek inserts and took an impact from a head/rock collision really well. Only real downside is that KBC Iridium visors scratch VERY easily.
  6. the only complaint I've heard about either brand, is kbc foam inside the helmet flattens up after wearing it for a while, makeing the helmet a bit loose. Otherwise both should be fine.
  7. I had the same problem as Jace with my Shark helmet.Fit really well at first and I liked the buckle style fastener, but after a while it didnt feel so safe, and also the cheek pads loosened and I get heaps of wind in the helmet which makes riding at speedas over 80km very uncomfortable after a while.Id try the other brands if I was you.
    I know Ill be getting something else as soon as funds allow
  8. they ALL get looser as you wear them. trick is to get it just a little too tight at the cheeks to start with, and if you cant do this while keeping the rest of the helmet comfy, its the wrong helmet for you. its a little uncomfortable to start with, but it means the helmet will last a fair bit longer.

    i've had my RSF2 now for over a year and use it fairly frequently for commuting and its still good and tight, keeps my cheeks firmly pressed against my teeth. even my old cheapo shark didn't do too badly, i only upgraded cos the RSF2 was on special :LOL:
  9. I've been using the RSF2 for the last 12mths with no problems.
    Got it alittle tight around the cheeks and now its fine.
    After using it everyday at least once i would have to say it is a great helment, can be a little noisey if your going into a strong head wind or doing 260kms + :p .
    But i would go with the helment that fits best for you.
  10. I'm currently using the RSF2 and the only problem that I've had with it is when changing from clear to tinted visor and the "O" ring breaking. Pics can be found on:


    It is rather windy so when ever I go for a ride I've needed to wear ear plugs. Although I wear ear plugs I believe that the majority of helmets will have a noise problem.
  11. Trying to get advise on which helmet to buy is the same as the advise for a motorcycle.....

    Each helmet fits each persons noggin differently. Goto the shop, try a few on that are in your price range. The one that fits and feels the best is the best helmet for you....
  12. I bought a KBC-vr2 right before our trip to Corryong, on the 1st day the Iridium screen was soo scratched i could barely see the road and yes ive had Iridium screens before and know they are delicate.

    The scratches were gained simply by cleaning the bugs off at every fuel stop.



    apart from that the helemt is fine and as mentioned above i got one that felt tight, knowing it would become looser over the next few weeks/months

    cheers ratty

  13. tried a KBC VR-2 on at toowoomba holden this morning.

    very comfortable. the large size is just that little bit to tight, so it will be perfect after it stretches like everyone comments they do.

    hardly moves on my head, really comfortable. you could use one as a pillow.

    visor is crystal clear, the tinted one's are good when looking through normally, but when i looked at the door of the shop where it was really sunny, it all of a sudden was really hard to see through.

    the double D retention strap is great.

    all in all a good helmet (cant comment on wind noise because i cant/havent ridden with one, just tried for fit)
  14. I've got a VR-2 as well. Fits my head pretty well, looks good, but is a little noisy. And for the visor mechanism sucks. REALLY sucks. At the moment I can't get my tinted visor on the way it should be, and I tried for 30 minutes just before.

    Grrr. :p
  15. Bahaha....

    IKEA visor manual says insert tab 'A' into slot 14!!!
    RTFM. :p