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KBC VR2 Chrome helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pokiou, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.

    Today im off to buy a new helmet as teh one i ahve is WAY to big that i wobbles like a ballon on the free way. :(

    Anyways i picked a KBC VR2 chrome helmet that has a shadow chrome look to it also ...

    any1 here got 1 of these helmets ?? as im trying to show the mrs and i cant find a picture.. NOT even on KBC's own website :(

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Yeah I think they have changed their model line up lately but most shops are still getting rid of their stock.

    The vr1 and vr2 do seem like reasonble value. I looked closely at them when I bought recently.
  4. Ok i went a bought it for 340 awsome fit... i love it so many people where looking at me :p

    and the pictures that was posted up there is nothing like the helmet. The design is the same BUT the color no way near it lol this is chrome guys im talking puffy daddy chrome yoshi exhaust pipe chrome lol :D

    but slightly smoked

  5. [​IMG]


    geez that'd turn heads, haha
  6. Not to mention blind a few drivers in the sun........
  7. You'll get lotsa chicks riding behind you trying to check themselves out :grin:
  8. that is the helmet .. all i need now is the mirror visor and im set as a moving disco ball !! :D :p

  9. Ive got the same helmet but a different coloured chrome (dont believe its on the net so I cant post a pic).

    Im very happy with it, though it does tend to change into a cheese platter on occasion that everyone hands around for a look :LOL:

    enjoy !
  10. [​IMG]

    here are the new pictures :D

    awsome i love it..

  11. Ok for those wondering this is the most attention getting helmet i have worn or seen.. AND its very very comfortable also ... been wearing it for 3 days and its very very comfortable !!!

  12. You need to be careful of the finish on these. Once it is scratched it will start to peel.

    I have had mine for a few months and still quite like it. I find earplugs useful at 80Km/h and above however.
  13. I have the matt black vr-2, i never remove the visor and the little plastic right angles holding the visor flush with the helmet keep snapping its quite frustrating... apart from that very comfortable and even being matt black i haven't felt to warm :)
  14. I've got the assasin vesion and yea its a pin to swap visors.
    The mechanism is very stiff and both the clips on my clear and tinted visors have snapped.
    pain in the ass.
  15. I want one!
  16. I am looking to buy a VR-2 for my first helmet.

    Is it value for money? Is the quality good enough to speed the cash on?
  17. nightgash - I have this helmet & Im really happy with the fit and comfort tho initally I found removing the visor difficult to remove until I got the knack! Tip: Make sure someone at the store shows you how to do this as the instruction booklet instruction isnt as clear as when you watch someone doing it :LOL:

    As for your value for money question, I was happy with the price I paid, not sure how much they retail for now maybe 350 or thereabouts ?? Plus, for me, part of my selection process was looking at the safety standards and this had both Snell & Dot approvals (which are the extra safety / standard tests in addition to the standard Australian ones), so between that, fit, comfort and the price it made my decision easy for me.

    The only way you are going to know if it is right for you is to go and try it on. If it doesnt fit or feel right then dont buy it and try different ones until you find the one that is right for you. There are plenty of helmets to choose from.
  18. Thanks for your help! You can get the solid colour one for $329 on motorcycle-accessories website and the full uber graphics for $399. These may be RRP so I might be able to get it cheaper.
  19. nightgash - yep cash is always the better option even when there is a sale on ! Just make sure you try before you buy :wink: