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Kbc vr-2

Discussion in 'Helmets' at netrider.net.au started by Amanda_84, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I do love the KBC - I've had 3 now as they are the only 'cheaper' lid that is a comfortable fit for my head.

    I usually upgrade helmets every ~12 months unless I drop them, so price is important. At $499 rrp they aren't too bad. I normally upgrade some gear at all once so managed to get that down overall.

    I've had the iridium tinted visor and plain dark tint visors and they have held up well, I don't have any trouble with fogging, and they are easy lift to release any build up. The visor on my newer (2007) lid has a much easier to use mechanism for the visor so popping the visor on and off was much easier.

    Unfortunately I wanted to use my old visor with my new helmet last time but it didn’t fit because the mechanisms were different and the visor wouldn’t fit as well on the new helmet. I did over-come this for a few weeks before I bought a new visor by taking the old mechanism off the old helmet and putting them on the new helmet. I can't remember why I didn't just stay with this - maybe it was because I’m a girl and like new stuff so wanted a pretty new visor!:angel:

    The vents are a little tricky - can't tell if they are open or closed; I can't feel the air rushing in when they are set to open. But I don't seem to have problems with fogging so I guess they are working.

    My only gripe now is that I need a new helmet but cannot buy a KBC one. The new model size Small doesn't fit; it's too big. I need a XS (I've always bought small) and I know exists but I haven’t found a shop that sells them or says the can get them in. I've spoken to a few of the sales guys who have said there seems to be a shift between the last model and the current model in size, shape & inserts. Well I’m very unhappy.:-({|=

    I cannot find another helmet that fits other than Arai - but these are out of my price range. The Sharks fit but I've heard bad reviews on them & their colour schemes and the fact it has 'SHARK' written all over them is a huge turn-off. My other issue with the Sharks is that I was a small in one model on the shelf and an extra small with another model of Shark on the shelf...wtf!

    So I’m still in need of a helmet...
  2. Sorry but why the upgrade every 12months?
  3. Yeah, helmets are good for 3-4 years?
  4. I personally the only issue i have had with both shark helmets are the vents, first helmet works (but hard to use with gloves) second helmet better switch but the thing broke and is stuck open (meh, it's were i have it 99% of the time anyway, well price and apart from the vents both have last very well..... 5yrs for my first one (before the vinyl started to crack (it's been sittinng on a shelf for almost 2 yrs being used as a pillion helmet...my other one still going strong.

    Both have been used for daily commuting and weekend rides, imo great value for money...love there quick change visor system....best i have seen of any helmet(y)
  5. +1 for Shark, only issue is the vents that are a bit fiddley. $240 for a RSF2 at AMX, a multi composite helmet. If they fit well whats stopping you?
  6. At $499 thats $998 over just 2 years a new Arai Vector costs $550 in plain and $650 in the graphics. With the Arai it will still feal good after 3 years unlike the KBC. The Arai is a helmet that will last most people 5 years. My Arai Vector was replaced after 2 years and 32,000km for no reason other than I wanted a new lid. The new Shoei XR1100 has a simular fit to the Vector and is very close to the Arai Corsair V.
  7. When I got my license we were told you 'should' get a new helmet every 12 months. Sales told us the same thing. I know that it's mostly BS but i figure it's protecting the most important thing I don't want to compromise in a accident. So I usually get bored easily and like different stuff and have dropped my helmet significantly enough to worry it might have cracked internally & weakened the structural integrity - then reason enuff to replace it. I've had 3 in 5 years, so it's a little more than every 12 months. But as i said; I’ve usually dropped it a cpl times by that point. Also the padding etc has normally sagged well and truly post-12 months (I think I’ve had my current one for 15 months) and it's not a snug fit.

    I see your point about the arai (& the shark) - and they do fit my head well. The only thing that’s stopping me buying a shark is the gay colour scheme's they seem to come up with. That and it's called 'shark' LOL.

    This thread area is for Helmet reviews and that’s exactly what I did
  8. Fair enough.
    I also have a VR2R and it is pretty good. I know what you mean about the padding "sagging", I bought mine a little small, so its perfect now.
  9. Usually with cheap helmets the lining and foam shell does not last. 12 months is pretty stupid though. The usual rule is if you drop it replace it. If you shake your head and the helmet is not snug and has freeplay when you do...replace it. Your head is one heavy mother and your neck muscles just wont hold it up in an off. Brain damage is a long slow frustrating thing to recover from... if ever. Don't skimp on your lid.
  10. I'd buy the Arai to test it out because they do fit my head and i'd like something where the padding lasts more than 12 months. The price-tag does put me off.

    But, I’ve usually dropped it (or had it dropped for me) so I like to replace when that happens no matter how old or expensive it was (for reasons mentioned by Brett) + what’s the problem with buying one regularly to ensure your lid is always in pristine condition - i wouldn’t want to find out it had a weak spot or anything during a crash...bit late.
  11. I didn’t think the Sharks looked ‘gay’ when I bought mine, anyway style is probably the last thing I’d consider after fit, comfort, weight, material, noise, chin coverage, replacement visors... ... colour scheme.

    Are they really that hard to hold on too? I don't think I've ever dropped a helmet. BTW a polycarbonate helmet can survive a few light drops without concern. You should only really be worried about dropping a fibre glass or composite lid. If you’re planning on dropping your helmet on a regular basis it might be best to look at plastic or carbon shells???

    I was hoping the Reevu would be released before buying my latest... Still waiting. :cry:
  12. I have many brand helmets shoei ,arai and now have a KBC vr3 the finish is great the comfort is very good too but their sizing is way out compared to other brand its about one plus sizes out. Normally I take a medium in a Shoei its a large or extra large in a KBC this creates other issue I have found now the shell size is larger what restricts movement plus there is extra weight but overall there a good helmet for the price.