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KBC VR-2 or AGV Stealth

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by supernatural_18, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    Just looking at helmets. Not spending alot on this helmet, and after looking through all the brands ive narrowed it down to these two.

    I realise the most important thing is the fit, but just after peoples quick reviews?

  2. i was very close to getting a agv stealth but went with suomy instead. looks good but from the research i did people were saying it had decent ventilation, but flimsy nose piece and pretty noisy inside. cant say anything for the other one
  3. have you tried them on?
  4. Meh...I've been happy with my AGV Stealth, but I know of others that haven't. My main consideration for buying it was that it fit my head better than the other helmets in the store. I've found it comfy and not terribly noisy in comparison to other helmets I've worn. I can't compare it with your other choice however as I haven't worn one on the road.

    Your first consideration however should always be which fits your head the best. It's no point you choosing one or the other if it is loose, too tight in areas or just generally uncomfortable. And you can't take them out for a test ride so unless you find someone who has personally owned and worn BOTH helmets, you're going to find it difficult to determine which is in fact the noisier of the two. Helmet noise is also affected to some degree by the airflow over the bike so one helmet owned by one person may sound different than the same helmet on a different bike.

    Clear as mud? :LOL:
  5. Thanks, no i havent tried them on.
    Was just after peoples experiences, build quality, whether the visor mechanism broke in two days.

    What do people think of the Shark RSI by the way? That was my third option..
  6. Buy the one that fits.

    OK assume both fit, which one looks the best in your eyes?

    Does the price outweigh the coolness factor?

    They are both pretty good quality from what I hear, my AGV is great. Al helmets are noisy, remember you have your head stuck in the wind at 100kmh :LOL: I like the air vents on the AGV, I have the PRO model
  7. I have a KBC VR-2 whilst a fairly light and comfortable helmet, it gets pretty noisy inside especially when compared to my RF-800.

    The lining is soft and the lid vents well when on the move, but it fogs very very easily....

    Would I buy another one??

    Nope, I would buy a Shoei as they both kind of fit my lemon spread well, and my good experience with the Shoei's in the past would lead me to spend the extra $$ next time round.

    This doesn't mean it's a bad lid, just think it might look better than it turns out to be after you have been wearing it for a few weeks.
  8. I was in your shoes just two days ago. I guess that you should go for the one you like best. I tried both on and in the end I went for the KBC VR-2 (airbourne#2). The AGV has a better name and history, the KBC is newer. The only thing I can tell you is that I'm very happy with the KBC VR-2 the venting works vey well I can't compare it to anything else as this is my first helmet with all the vent I can feel air on the top/side of my head and face. It's abit noise, guess from all the vent. It's not bad enought that you can't stand it. The KBC fitted my head sharp better and I was given $100 off so the KBC was only $300. Plus I really like the graphic looks like a noise of a classic fighter plane, doesn't stop recieveing looks and comment from people/kids on the street.
  9. Hey Mick thanks for the reply..

    Yeh the prices are exactly the same, but i think most people find the VR-2 pretty good. Maybe its because its the top of the line KBC where the stealth is one of the cheaper AGV's
    Where did you get $100 off?

    And has anyone here got a Shark RSI?
  10. I'm getting a Shark Helmet next week.

    I tried on every brand I could find, the Shark has a smoother lining, doesn't feel like gravel rash when you take it off, heaps of ventilation and the chin strap is forward a bit, so it doesn't dig into my neck like the Shoei and Arai.

    Husband has the VR2, loves it (also loves Top Gun!), but you have to be careful swapping visors, the tabs on the visors can snap off, but it's all covered by warranty, and the newer visors have thicker tabs.
  11. Supernatural.. go to your nearest bike shop and try them on before you decide what you do or don't want.

    Had plenty of people come into the shop saying they wanted a particular helmet.. and it simply did not fit them

    After you've done that, then post what you're interested in, saves you having to do it twice :wink:
  12. Thanks but people keep saying that when all i asked was whether the helmets were any good.
    If 5 people reply and tell me the AGV stealth is rubbish then i wont try it on.
  13. mate they are all good helmets, Shark, Shoie, AGV, KBC etc it is the one that fits that is best. End of story, people are going to keep saying this for ever because it is the truth. :roll:

    AGV is crap if it doesn't fit, it is the best helmet in the world if it does fit. There does that answer your question. :roll:
  14. Ah people dont seem to be getting my point.
    When you live almost an hour from a bike shop its good to hear peoples opinion before driving and listening to crap form the sales man.
    And yes i kow it has to fit.
  15. Sorry mate maybe I haven't made myself clear, they are both good helmets! There that answers that bit, second the only way you can judge one over the other is how it fits.

    Seriously if you stick with the name brands you can't go wrong. Most complaints about helmets are based on someone cracking a visor clip or it being noisy. Well all helmets are noisy! and visor clips are little bits of plastic.

    So which one looks cool, fits well and is inside your budget.

    Me I LOVE my AGV GP PRO, light weight, not too noisy, visor seems to fit well, doesn't fog up too bad and it looks very cool IMO. But my wife has a SHOE because it fitted her head better. I have a different shaped head to her, so different helmets. :grin:
  16. [​IMG]
    Thank God :LOL:
  17. Hey she's only my second cousin! :LOL: :LOL:
  18. I have the AGV stealth and have commuted every weekday this year with it on the freeway. It is very comfortable and looks the goods.

    However it is bloody noisy and I need to wear earplugs on longer rides. I had an old AGV before it which was no-where near as noisy so I think it is the venturi vents causing the noise to be channeled inside.

    good for short rides.
  19. It like which watch is better Rolex, Omega? I guess you really have to go and try it on. I mean I would love to have a Shoei led but no matter which one I tried on it wouldn't fit my round head. I was told that Shoei makes helmet for people with longer and narrower heads where as AGV cater for the round and short head. Buying a helmet is pretty hard as it effceted the way we ride and finding the right one is a "gift from God".
  20. Hey guys,
    Thanks for all the help.
    I went and tried on the AGV Stealth and KBC VR-2.
    They both fitted good, the KBC probably a little better so i went with that one.
    Plus many people have said the Stealth is a bit noisy.

    Thanks for reviews!