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KBC VR-1 / VR-2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by cam77, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Anyone with experience with these helmets?? What did you think of them?

    Just bought a VR-2 today, seems to fit my noggin quite nicely (Maybe ask me what I think in a month!)

    Tried on the Shoei, Arai models, the VR-2 genuinely felt better so I made the executive decision to forgo the composite for a fibreglass and save a few $$ for a better jacket

    People say the VR1 was noisy. Personally I am new to riding and the noise is one thing I look forward to!
  2. I've always ridden in Shoei helmets - until I had to replace my RF-800 earlier this year.

    I tried on heaps of helmets - from all different available manufacturers, including of course Shoei, which would have been my intitial preference.

    The fit of the Shoei's has changed since the RF-800, which was really lovely, cumfy and quiet - the current generation just wasn't comfortable for me at all :(

    Price wasn't really an issue, and I was happy to spend up to a grand for a helmet that fit and felt comfortable.

    I settled on a KBC VR-1, which was only around $300 from memory.

    It was very comfortable in the shop, and on the whole still is.

    It's pretty noisy though - far noisier than my RF-800 Shoei.

    The removable liner isn't very stable, and I often have to push it back in place.

    I also really dislike the earpad things that velcro in place. Without them the helmet is REALLY noisy. With them in place, they move upwards when putting the helmet on, and every time I put on the helmet I've got to push a couple of fingers up to my ears on each side to get the ear pad back in place.

    Also, I just put a tinted visor on it today, and note that in direct sunlight the view gets a little cloudy - you know, just like with cheap sunnies? My Shoei tinted visor was much clearer in direct sunlight. Note the KBC is fine, and quite clear unless you're directly facing the sun.

    On a good note, the ventilation works very well on the KBC - better than my old Shoei. You can really feel air coming in the vents at the top and keeping your scone cool. It was great on a hot day like today.

    Overall, it's not bad value for money, but if I could find something that was a bit quieter, had a more stable lining, and is as comfortable I'd be happier.


  3. I have a KBC VR-1 as well. I haven't had the issues with the lining shifting like Eberbachl. I can't really compare the noise as its the only helmet I have owned. I also have a tinited visor but I don't have any issues with it, nice and clear (again - nothing to compare it to). It fit better in the shop than the expensive ones and much better than the cheapies.
  4. I have the KR-1, and yes it is noisy. more so to the left ear, due I think to the large "D" buckle. Not a problem for me, as I use an MP3 player with good earplugs that reduce most noise, while still allowing a degree of "aural awareness".

    Maybe a tad heavier than some other brands, as it is a fibreglass helmet, not polyester etc. (no disrespect to polyester helmets, just an observation)

    Good ventilation, good peripheral vision, and a good price.

    I find it VERY comfortable, and to me, that's the number 1 criteria, I can fix noise issues, but it's either comfortable or not, hard to fix a pressure point once you've setled it onto your noggin.

  5. Very true.

    The VR-1 is a comfortable helmet, despite it's shortcomings.
  6. The liner issues I've had is the removable liner section just above my eyebrow has come out a few times. It pulls out when removing the helmet. It's an easy fix to push it in place, but sometimes I forget, and put the helmet on only to find the liner obscuring my vision. Just have to pull it off, and push it back in. It doesn't happen every time, but has happened a few times.

    RE: The visor, I've been riding with the stock clear visor for around 9 months or so, and it's been great. Crystal clear, and very scratch resistant.

    The tinted one is crystal clear and very nice too in normal conditions, it's just that I noticed today on my first ride with it that a couple of times I was looking into the sun, and the picture gets a little cloudy. Not terribly - certainly not enough to obscure vision, but enough to be noticeable.

  7. I'm pretty sure the VR2 is composite, i love the visor release system on them too :D It's really impressive when you show people in the shop - well unless they've never changed a visor then they just done get it :(

    and if you guys think that's noisy you should try my shoei x-eleven.. it's so noisy i can't use it.. yep rather use my 2 year old cheap kbc than the new bling mega buck shoei..

    my b/f has a VR1 and he loves it too..
  8. Yeah I was thinking of getting the KBC VR2 Assassin, I reckon it looks sweet! :D
  9. Yep, the assassin is what I got - do you mean the black/blue with the dude on the side, holding a revolver?
  10. howdy, i have had two helmets now and both have done there job perfectly. Hey, the brain damage they say is temporary.

    The first was the VR-1 which i find quite snug, well fitting lightest lid i could find for its price. The visor was a bit of a prick the first fewtimes but after that it proved ok. The iner lining was fine up until i pulled it out, now it catches on my ear and genuinely shits me up the wall.

    The seconond was the HJC CL-14

    a tad heavier than the kbc, It felt alot less bulky than the KBC, The lining was a good feel and a good fit at first but the feel of the material degraded rapidly. It didn't quite have the same snug feel on the cheeks as the KBC but still good. It was so much quieter than the KBC, and i mean it. It was silent in comparison.

    I am keen to try the VR-2 as i will prolli get a KBC again.

    Both helmets I can certify have kept all the flesh on my face in perfect condition. As for the grey matter on the inside, its anybodies guess.
  11. Yeah man, I reckon it looks wicked! How does it feel? I was thinking of buying one off the website advertisment on this site!
  12. He he he, I didnt realise you started this post! *blonde moment*
  13. The VR-2 is a Tri-Composite Aramid Epoxy Shell, the VR-1 is a Tri-Composite of Fiberglass, Kevlar® and carbon according to my Google research.
  14. you mean i was right? wohoo :D

    The assasin helmets looks awesome with the blue iridium visor,(sold 2 wed with blue visors) just remember that iridium scratches really, really easily

    the quick release on the vr2 is so easy.. IMO it's the easiest visor to get off that we sell, just pull the lever and it pops off..

    BUT... with the amount of assassins that are being sold.. if you want one cos it's different, i'd suggest you get a different graphic...
  15. LOL.

    Just found out where the easy-release lever was, the visor snaps off beautifully!

    Must be childproof coz I took ages to work it out! :LOL: ](*,) :WStupid:

    Thanks for pointing out it is more than just fibreglass. :grin:
  16. Seeming as Tenoq is away on holiday at the moment... i'll post on his behalf.
    He's got a VR2 'Assassin' helmet and seems to like it. Only complaint i've ever heard come from him is that the matt black - whilst being hawt (!), is a nightmare to keep clean. Bugs just seem to stick that little bit better!
  17. I have a VR-1 its a great helmet for the price... compared to some previous helmets it is not all ThAT noisey... then again, ive never owned a shoei...
  18. After my second day out with the tinted visor today I can confirm I don't like it.

    Riding with the sun at your back, or in the shade, the tinted visor is nice - crystal clear, but when heading towards the sun it definitely gets cloudy looking through it - just like a really cheap pair of sunnies.

    It's a shame - other than that I was pretty comfortable in the VR-1 for 450ks today in high 30's heat. The ventilation system works better than the Shoeis I've had. The air moves through the top of your head nicely.

    I might ditch the tinted visor and go back the the clear one, and wear sunnies when needed. The optics on the clear visor are very good.
  19. Ow yer you are going to do great on your own.
  20. I have had the VR1 for a year. I found it a nice tight fit, but with my long nose it's got bugger all space between my conk and the front of the helmet. I noticed with sunnies on I could see bugger all to the sides, head checks needed owl like powers, so I bought a tinted visor. I did notice that is has a cloudy look, but it doesn't bother me. As for noise, I can't hear anything over the ringing in my ears and I generally wear earphones or earplugs. The removable liner has never given me a problem, and the removable ear pieces are good for the earphones.

    Good for the price. It'll be replaced in another year or so. I'll buy what fits at the time