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KBC VR-1 visor.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sir_b, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    My ride on Sunday taught me that I need a tinted visor for my helmet. I've had a look online but can't find a single online shop in Australia that sells them to suit my helmet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  2. Your local dealer if they stock that helmet will definately have them or easily order them in. I have the same helmet and my local dealer has clear visors for $50 and tinted(dark or light)/iridium visors for $60.

    I have found them on ebay quite often aswell but after postage costs they are no cheaper!!

  3. Paid $50 for a tinted one for the VR-1 from Peter Stevens in the city. Give them a go, if you head into the city at all. :)
  4. Hmmm. Thanks for the reply Josh. Looks like before postage, they're ~half price from the US. If anyone is interested in splitting postage let me know, the light and dark smokes, clear, blue and yellow are $25 australian, iridiums are $32. Depending on volume, postage works out to between $5 and $15 per visor. We may even be able to get a volume discount.

    Let me know guys.

  5. Maybe. I have the same helmet, however I usually wear sun glasses. As when I ride to work it is usually bright and I'm riding into the sun, when I come home it can be rather dull. I can store sunnies in my tank bag pretty easily, not sure about a spare visor.
  6. We'll see how much interest there is in the next day or so, if there isn't any I'll just fork out the extra and see Mr Stevens.

  7. I think I saw you post somewhere sir_b that you went and got one. But now I'm interested. Local bike shop can only get tinted, not Irridium. Can you supply any info on this? Also, how much did you pay (if you did buy one)?.
  8. Peter Stevens has quite a few. I got the dark tint (it's a very dark green, looks completely black when down on my helmet and the colour seems to help with contrast) for $50. They have a few different iridiums for $60.

  9. Good stuff, thanks. Hrrrm birthday isn't *that* far away. /me adds that to the list.