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kbc look alittle to big? like a big box?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Filo01, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. i just bought a kbc helmet, it fits really well & the color design is awesome but honestly the ventilation just doesn't seem to work & all it really does is just make the helmet look like a big ass box sitting on the top of my head. Is it just me that thinks the helmet is just far to big?

  2. Which model?

    The KBC helmets typically only have a couple of shell sizes - big and really big (and extra foam is used to create the full size range). Depending on what size the one you got is, and depending on YOUR size they can look a little big. It's only the more expensive helmets (like Arai) that have individually-sized shells through the whole range.

    Don't worry - it looks a lot worse to you than it does to everyone else. For the price, they're pretty decent helmets. Bit noisy, but otherwise can't complain too much. IMO, the VR1 is a lot better than the VR2 (had both).
  3. Great helmets. The VR2 has excellent crash results from experience.
  4. yah i have the vr2. My mates & cousins have been telling me it looks awesome, i don't dislike the helmet it fits really nice on my head & it was pretty cheap 360$, but it just looks so chunky :(. i guess i could always go looking around for anther helmet, i'm gona need one for my pillion eventually(i'll make him or her wear the box lol)
  5. I felt the same when I got my helmet, you'll get used to it. Kinda. Were you wearing gear? It makes a difference to how big the helmet appears (because of how big YOU appear). I have a Shoei atm and I've come to the conclusion that Arai probably makes the physically smallest helmets.
  6. awsome ty, yah the jacket i have is kind of small as well so it doesn't really make a difference when i wear my gear, but like you said i guess i'll get ust to it & it is my first time wearing a helmet, but ty for the head up on arai brand ill go have a look at them hopefully soon
  7. oops!!!
  8. I've crashed tested the VR2 also, unfortunately - it does work fine, although the visor smashes off very easily (shit visor mechanism).

    Just look on the bright-side - if it's bigger, it's because it's got more foam. That means better impact absorption, generally, so a safer helmet!
  9. good to hear you came out of the crash with nothing serious & your still riding, my old man go hit by a bus when he was younger riding his bike & hes never gotten on one since can't really blame him, though he likes sitting on mine in the backyard lol.

    I was wandering if i could get a custom made helmet to my specifications & design? if anyone would know could you please post a link or a number. I live in mebourne. ty
  10. I didn't notice how big they were until I walked past a mirror with my VR2. i'll keep using mine until somthing better comes along :)
  11. Never seen a custom made helmet - only custom graphics. Have a look at the Arai ones though: as I said, they use more shell sizes than the cheaper brands/models.

    As for the crash - it wasn't too serious, but wasn't riding for a couple of months. Still left me with some psychological damage (AKA "The Fear"), but no doubt more riding will get over that too. When someone deliberately knocks you off though, it's hard to not be so paranoid you don't want to step out of the front door. :(
  12. If the KBC is a good fit check out AGV helmets. The Ti Tech comes in a few shell sizes. KBC and AGV are the same shell shape. I can not wear any other brand except KBC or AGV. I have a VR1 and find it way to noisy so do not use it any longer. I wear an AGV Ti Tech now and have found it to be good but it is also a little noisy. Most helmets these days have lots of vents in them that cause noise. You will not be able to get a custom fit helmet made as it would have to be tested to gain standards approval and that means busting up a few helmets at a huge cost.
  13. I have a KBC VR-1X and i feel your pain, it makes my head look like im wearing a tv atop my neck...but the helmet is a great fit, very comfy and fairly warm. I do have trouble with the fogging up though as my local mc shop has run out of their anti-fog spray stuff. Any good products out there guys that actually stop my visor from fogging?
  14. i have a KBC VR2 and love it....but.... i'm beginning to feel that it's moving too much on my noggin.

    It's a medium and fitted well when new. but now that the foam has had 12 months to fit to my head it's starting to move a bit more thati really feal comfortable with..mainly in strong winds though.

    might just need thicker foam again?
  15. Maybe you really needed a small? Did you measure your head? I guess you have used it a lot since getting it though. I measured my head and I should have got a small although the medium fitted perfectly, as time passes it is getting looser so I think I should have got a small.
  16. Check for catcrap in here:


  17. kbcs are great value helmets. they are noisy and the visor mechanism sucks. but they are well finished, look great, a crash well.
  18. Thats the thing... Small wouldn't go over my head... got the mediuim and it was tight when i bought it and it fitted well. (no movement no pressure points etc).
  19. I also found that my KBC become loose after about 6 months of daily use. My AGV is still a good fit after 30,000km and 2 years.
  20. i went & had a look at a few different dealers & there head gear today, & found that the shoei & hjc were pretty good sized helmets, not so expensive as well, i also matched up a few of the kbc sizes to the rest & they were alot bigger(kbc xs was the same size as a shoei medium), i guess it wouldn't be so much of a problem if i wore a small, but i don't c how my heads gona srink down that much lol, don't know how anyone head could fit in there though my gf fits pretty snugly into a small lol,

    i'll try to get a few pictures comparing the size of the helmets up so every can understand my point of view on the subject