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KBC helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by joël, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. hey,

    i just bought a KBC VR-1 euro helmet, and i would recoment it to anyone, has lots of features, meets lots of standards, and was only $350. for a review go here http://www.webbikeworld.com/Reviewed-motorcycle-products/kbc/

    one thing, can anyone who has this hemet tell me how to remove the inner lining? i am unsure how and i dont want to break it.

    cheers, Joël
  2. Personally i think the helmet sucks big time and i will never buy another one. Also i know around 15 other people who agree that KBC rate lower than HJC and remove lining turn the suka upside down around the base you will find a collar with two pull tabs, so pull the tabs if no pull tabs pull the collar.
    Where you ears fit, those pads are just velcroed in place. Where the chin straps connect to the helmet those pads are held in place by push studs.
    Now you have most of it out the rest is just velcroed in place so gently unvelcro it and remove its simple.

    Now you have it in pieces the best thing to do is throw it in the bin and buy a real helmet, just like i did :D
  3. I tried the KBC on in a shop and didn't like the feel or fit. Went with an HJC in the end, just felt more like it should
  4. I bought the above mentioned helmet as my first and havent had any problems with it at all. I tried on everything i could get my hands on and the KBC fit perfectly. Nothing else was even close to that kind of fit for me so i suppose it just depends on the person. As fo the air flow through the top of the helmet it feels non existant to me but having said that ive never used any other helmet so i cant compare...
  5. yeh thats like me. its my first helmet, and fit great, so i decided to buy it and all the features was just a bonus.

    each to his own hey? what was so bad about it?
  6. I have had two KBC helmets and they are fine.. What colour is your bike??

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. me?....well.... i havent got one yet :cry: , next week i'll be cheking some out. i just baught my gear before the bike so i know how much i'll need.
  8. The helmet does fit well thats the reason i bought it but the visor fogs instantly and worse than any other helmet i have owned, its the noisiest helmet i have owned, ventilation no such a thing with it which is sad considering it has all the necessary holes.
    Lastly streamlined nah far from it feels more like a block of wood going through the wind.

    It was a cheap helmet, it looked good but if i buy for price again it wont be KBC, even the Nex i would rate better.
  9. Joel dont mind Shabby , he just speaks his mind :)

    if you could ask the guy below what he thinks of KBC, i'm sure he would tell you they are great.
    it doesn't seem to slow him down wearing one, since he has won 5 AMA Superbike titles in a row.


    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  10. nooooooooo it's just the other teams felt sorry for him riding a Suzuki and all, they let him win out of pity :p
  11. I have a KBC VR-1 helmet as well, and they're a great fit for me. I think they're a great first helmet though (as far as good helmets go, it's good as a first one, but not to say its bad or anything). If you notice, the vents on the top of the helmet actually can absorb accidental drops from waist height. The glue that holds the vents to the shell are designed to flatten out. Don't try it out on yours though ;p.

    Anyways, I plan to get a new helmet once I'm off my restrictions, so I can retire it to pillion helmet.
  12. lol Brian, you know in your heart suzuki is the best............
  13. :p :p
  14. i've got this one as well...is there anywhere on the net i can order visors?
  15. yeah ive got one too, fits me great (different helments for diferent melons i spose...) although ventilation is a little disappointing
    would also appreciate any info on getting my hands on a new visor for him if anyone has any advice...?
  16. peter stevens keep stock of visors, $50 each