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KBC helmet dropped!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by seanske, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. dropped my 1 month new KBC VR-2 helmet ..and the even newer tinted visor just popped out ...the little plastic bits that hold on the side just broke off...

    where has my 80 dollars gone?

    it literally fell off the seat to the ground..not more than 30 cm

    anyone have those little bits to superglue back on?

    the visor is loosey goosey baby
  2. The only thing I might trust to glue visor lugs back on is that solvent stuff that actually melts the 2 plastic faces together.

    I seriously doubt [if you also lost them] that anyone has spares lying around that they just happened to hang on to in case this kind of thing happened.

    New visor dude.
  3. i found one..

    lol maybe that will be enough

    thanks for the info
  4. Might I suggest next time you want to hang your helmet on your bike you use a footpeg.

    The rear ones are good for this if still attached.
  5. sorry im a noob..

    if i attach it by the chin strap? cant any joe just unstrap and steal it?
  6. *waits for the thread: "I stepped in dog shit and didn't know it, now my helmet sticks"*
  7. sticks or stinks?

  8. I'm talking instead of balancing it on the seat, if you want to dare leaving it there longtime then use the lock or a cable lock through a full face helmet.

    At the servo when you're filling up or stopping at the corner shop hang it on a peg, seats tend to lean to one side unless you're on the centre stand and helmets tend to fall off them, leading to threads like this.

  9. Wow, that's a low-riding NSR! :LOL: Sticks -and- stinks maybe!? :p

    What Honda said :)
  10. :arrow: But not on the exhaust side!
  11. Popping it on the right hand rear view mirror works well on most bikes too when it's on the side stand. Just adjust the mirror before you ride off.
  12. For the VR1 you can buy new thingies (yeah the black ones that the visor mounts to), you should be able to fix it up as good as new if they sell them for the VR2.

    My husband has had a VR-2 since January and has had the tinted and clear visors replaced by KBC because the plastic visor lugs broke off. Email KBC directly, attach photos of the broken part of the visor - don't mention the drop, just that the part has broken, and they will post replacement visor to you!!!

    you are an angel.

    thank you
  15. $80 for a new helmet??? Piece of plastic sh!t.

    30cm?? Is it a mini bike?
  16. Bugger gluing the thing back together dude.

    Just go to your local dealer and order a set of new base plates to suit yer helmet. I broke mine (actually my nephew did) not too long ago and they cost about $30 to replace. That was for a Shoei XR1000. Id imagine it would be about the same price.
  17. 80 dollars for the tinted visor

    yeh 30cm is an over exaggeration :] my bad
  18. Visors are around $80, helmets are about $365 - $400

    Who'd you send the pic too ???? my vr2 visor tab snapped off too when i opened my visor at about 70 :(

    i sent to sales@kbchelmets.com in the USA // got the email from www.kbchelmets.com