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KBC crash test

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gixxa Freddy, May 31, 2008.

  1. My brother-in-law just put his KBC VR-2R to the ultimate test the other day courtesy of a 4wd owner who wanted the same peice of tar. Glad to say that the helmet and Alpinestar jacket did what they were bought for. Considering that the helmet was face planted into the side of the monstrosity in excess of 60kmh it has held up better than I would have thought. Only visible damage to the helmet is the broken chin vent. The biggest concern is the way the visor exploded, the fine people at the emergency room spent a fair whack of time picking small fragments of plastic out of his face (at least the ground meat look actually is an improvement).

    Dave says that he was told the visor was shatter proof, has anyone else heard that about KBC? He is planning to write a letter to KBC but I thought I would check out the shatterproof claim first.

    Anyway, at least it woke him up to how cocky his riding had become and he realises how lucky he is (only 2 weeks off work is pretty good). His K2 Gixxer thou saddly didn't survive.

    For $399 the helmet proved well worth the money. The visor? Not so much.
  2. I thought all approved visors were shatter-proof ? :?
  3. Thats what I thought Vinnie, but I was starting to doubt what I thought I knew. I'm not exagerating when I said it exploded, he has deep cuts all over his face. He was within mm of losing his eyes. It was a flat impact so I thought the visor would have flexed, maybe even broken off the helmet, not become hundreds of sharp fragments.
  4. :shock:
    That's scarey!!
    He was lucky it wasn't worse
  5. Visors are all moulded acrylic (perspex), they can shatter if it's cold enough, or if they've been exposed to enough UV light.
    Helmets pass the tests, when manufactured, when new.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. The helmet was 3 weeks old. It was the one you see advertised at the moment with free tinted visor and helmet bag. Latest model so age shouldn't be a factor, as well as UV exposure. As for being cold, the accident was at 5:30 pm on a sunny day so it was quite warm.
    I think he has a good reason to contact KBC. If all their visors shatter like that, I consider it to be a concern for any KBC owners. It may also be a one off fault with his visor. Either way I think KBC should know about it.
  7. Yes, a shop once tried to sell me a 3 year old new helmet..........

    SO, go and tell KBC, whining to us isn't doing shit. Maybe headbutting 4wd's is not teh smartest thing to be doing in teh first place, walking away is good enough for me. How strong should helmets be, strong enough to take your head off? Kind of counterproductive.........
    I bet you never tell KBC about it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Who's whining? :? It's not my helmet ( I wear Vemar helmets) so I really don't care if he tells them or not. I just think that KBC should know how the visor held up. They may use the info to improve the visor for that kind of impact. I am not saying Dave deserves compensation from them. Shit, the helmet saved him from having to have his face reconstructed so it did it's job. Personally I would have liked him to break a few bones, might have taught the smartass more of a lesson. My biggest concern, as I have previously stated, is that it didn't just break up, it became hundreds of tiny fragments.

    The helmet is a new 08 graphic called Wizard so the shop isn't passing off a 3 year old helmet as new.

    I'm not whining! Not yet.:p :grin:
  9. I think you've flagged a valid concern here; what testing occurs to justify a visor being categorised as 'shatter-proof'? I don't want to be finding out the hard way that mine isn't......
  10. They're designed to be shatterproof......to pebbles and small rocks. You can't design a piece of acrylic to be shatterproof if you hit it with two tonnes of wrought iron.
    How about a photo of this "shattered" visor? I bet it's just broken into a few pieces, not shattered.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Was it the standard clear visor at the time or the tinted visor? Only clear visors have the standards sticker. I dont know if tinted or standard are made of the same materials. I assume the tinted visor is the same and it is just the law makers that say they do not pass because of restricted vision.
  12. My Vr2 went for a crash test a few yrs back. The visor fling off from the clips, and it did break in half. The chin and one top vents also fell off.
  13. I got a VR2, with tinted visor, with sticker. see below