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Kawi Z750 - Power Commander questions.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Mario Mendoza, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    Well sometime back I did a stupid thing and sold my VTR1000 cos I was getting back into dirtbikes. Whilst it was great to get back out there and turn some topsoil, I never actually realised how much I'd miss riding on the road. So, to cut a long story short, I went ahead and picked up a new Kawi 2007 Z750.

    She's currently stock as a rock, and now as it's pretty much run-in and ready to be flogged, I'm starting to consider a couple of "standard" mods.

    The first thing I want to do is get rid of that huge muffler hanging off the side for something a little nicer and get a power commander onto it.

    Now here are the questions...

    1) Are all power commanders the same? Like, can I buy one second hand off a friend who had it installed on his R1? I imagine that I'll need a different wiring loom and a new map installed to suit the kwaka, but other than that, is the hardware itself the same?

    2) I've been doing a bit of hunting around and they are sooo much cheaper from the US. Can anyone see any problem with bringing one across to Oz. I'm not referring to customs issues, just compatibility etc.

    3) Lastly and most importantly,...I'd like to get the module then tuned to my bike on the dyno with the new exhaust and not just install a generic map. I've heard that some tuners are WAY better than others. Can anyone point me to somewhere decent in Sydneys outer west?

  2. dont worry mate, i thought selling your storm was a great idea! i hit the 20,000kms mark on her last weekend.
    congrats on the purchase, i was giving serious thought to a Z750 when i was looking at upgrading.
    it seems as though the units are make specific, so i dont know about sticking one from a yammy into a kwaka.
    so far as dyno places, i know its not western sydney, but flywheels motorcycles in alexandria are a little on the expensive side, but they do a good job, thats where im getting some performance work done at the moment. dont get your parts through them if you go there, they were about 50 bucks more expensive than honda lane cove for dynojet kits.

  3. LMAO :rofl: oh man my chest hurts laughin
  4. PC111's are not all the same.. You have to get the right one for your bike..

    Ok, if you buy ex the States you have no warranty here, and as much as people say what can go wrong, well they can stuff up, and Dynojet Oz will not cover any warranty.. Have heard of people bringing them in and they are faulty from initial set up.. :shock:

    Now your best option will be, find a dynojet approved retailer who also has put in a dynojet dyno machine. These guys have spent the bucks setting up, so they will know what they are doing. The dyno writes the perfect map for your mods.

    This is what i did on the ZX12R and have done it on the 14.. Wouldnt do it any other way.. :grin:

    Here is a link i have found for you.. May be of some help..

  5. No idea bud.

    My understanding (which I concede may be way off the mark) has always
    been that PC's are make/model specific ie. you need to purchase one thats
    specifically made for your make & model.

    I wouldn't know if its possible to take ya mates one suitable for ya bike.
    You could always ask someone who dyno tune bikes I guess.

    I agree with Paulie when he says there is no warranty here.

    Compatibility issues? Not a worry bud. :wink:

    That however doesen't change my view that you are by far better off
    getting on from the US. As you now know, you can get em for close to
    50% less.

    As soon as it arrives, get it fitted so that if it is a lemon, you'll be able
    to return it.

    If you are unlucky & the unit packs in later on down the track, you could
    purchase another unit & it is only then that you only marginally worse off
    financially. You'd have to go thru 3 units before its safe to say you wouldve
    way better off getting one here to begin. Something thats highly unlikely
    to happen.

    These days you can tell the seller what mods you got & they can provide
    & install the right maps from the word go. I've also seen them provide
    fee upgrades you'd need for any further mods you get as well.

    Theres nothing wrong with getting someone here to tune your bike with
    the overseas unit either. The PC's you buy overseas are identical to our
    retail ones.

    Sorry I can't point you to a good tuner in your state. I'm Mexican. :wink: