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Kawaski Ninja 650RL 2011

Discussion in 'Archived' started by aussieak, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Up for sale is my trusty Ninja 2011 Ninja 650RL in Black
    • Rego till Aug 2012
    • 15500k's and counting
    • Short levers with OEM levers included
    • Heated Grips
    • Oggy Nobbs
    • Last service at 13K which included new spark plugs
    • New front tyre 1000K's on it
    • New rear on Roadworth
    $7500 FIRM includes RWC NETRIDER ONLY
    Call Alex
    0488 152 568


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  4. Did you cop a puncture on the front? That's shitty luck if you did :(
  5. Nah just wear an tear started getting on the tread indicators on the edges so time for a new one
  6. Updated ad.
    • Price Drop
    • Now added new rear tyre when RWC is done as old one will not pass.
  7. Good luck with the sale Alex.

    This is a very well looked after and we'll maintained bike. I personally know this seller and their bike. This would be a purchase with confidence.

    DROID-Tablet talkin'
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  8. Thanks BitSar. She will be a sad loss but the upgrade will put a smile on my dial
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  9. any learners out there want a comfy and agile bike that wont let you get bored?

    Well find another bike lol

    Am kidding, Alex has babied [when I have seen him ride it] this bike, and it would be a great learner or upgrade from a 250, buyer wont be disappointed..
  10. Good on ya' mate (y)
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  11. Price drop NOW $7500 Firm Netrider Members only.
  12. How has this not sold yet??? Can't believe you would let it go that cheap!! Somebody will be getting an absolute bargain for a late model bike!!

  13. Most definitely has been well looked after. Alex cant stand a bike being even slightly neglected. My virtually brand new bike was in his garage for a night and he couldn't stand it and oiled its chain.
  14. and where were you?
  15. Standing there going "what are you doooooing?"
  16. oh...my bike was there overnight...I wasn't. Is that the info you need? hehe
  17. Nikita is missing Eric [MENTION=35275]Aly[/MENTION]
  18. Looks like this will be going to a dealer and an extra grand wacked on top in 2 weeks. Last chance people.
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