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Kawaski ER 5 or Suzuki GS500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dm_obrien, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Hi All,
    I'm looking for some opinions on these two bikes. I'm shopping for an upgrade from my little CB250. After a bit of research I'd sort of narrowed it down to these two bikes, then strangely at a motorbike shop I found them both sitting next to each other.



    I'm leaning towards the ER-5 but what does everyone else think?

  2. Potatoe potaaatow. Ride both and decide which you like more.
  3. Plenty of talk on here about the two, "search" is your friend.

    Overall, both seem to be reliable with neither outshining the other. Some people want the disk brakes front and back (ER-5 has drum back brake), some people will say that the liquid cooled engine of the ER-5 gives a little bit more power (very little) but the air cooled engine of the GS is easier to service and less parts to go wrong.

    The thing to remember is that the GS's are still being made but the ER-5 has been discontinued, but there are so many of them around parts shouldn't be a problem, but it does affect some peoples choice.

    Personel preference is what it will come down to.
  4. Personally I like the look of the ER-5 better, though I *could* come off as biased because I own one ;)
  5. Ok I'm gonna go out of limb here.

    Why are you looking at only a 500 as an upgrade. Im on my Ls, and ride the GS500F. I wouldnt say I'm bored of it already, but I'm def keen to upragde asap. And I dont think I would call myself a hoon.

    Coming off a 250, then jumping on the 500, yes, you'll have a ball for a while and love the extra power etc etc, but I reckon you'll get bored with it pretty quick after seeing other and bigger bikes in the market.
  6. If you see either bike as a "stepping stone" to something bigger, then just plunk for the cheaper of the 2.

    That'd be the GS I'm sure, which is what I bought moving up from a 250.
  7. The Er-5 looks bit better, nicer colour too. It also has half as many km's travelled and its an 03 model, where the gs is 2 years younger but covered 44k kays!!

    They seem both priced well, prob get em for $4k.