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Kawaskai zzr250 (1990)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by sandaz, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Hey there, Im close to buying a 1990 Kawaskai zzr250 and it is making a small knocking sound when it idles (this clears up when a touch of gas is applied). The seller said all zzr250's do this. Is this correct?

    Thanks heaps guys.
  2. It's a parallel twin, so there's always going to be a knocking.

    A bit hard to tell without hearing it. If in doubt, take an experienced friend to listen with the promise of a six-pack.
  3. it's normal... do a search on youtube and you'll see all zzr250 makes that knocking noise...
  4. yeah its normal.. as long as it dosent sound like a bag of golf balls has been emptied into the engine with a few ball bearings to boot.
  5. Its normal and if it dissapeares at about 2000rpm you'll be fine.
    A 19 year old 250 would want to be cheap.
  6. Thanks heaps guys. Yeah he wants $3000Au but knows he wont get it. Its in really tidy condition (new paint etc) Been dropped but with new fairings (plus a slightly bent handlebar). Its unregisterd so I might offer him $2500. at 56000k's, good deal???
  7. be wary you'll need a new handlebar if you have a fastidious rwc check. check that it hasn't been written off etc too of course.
  8. Mate regardless of new fairings for that age $2000 is top dollar.
    If you have $3000 you'll get a much newer ZZR250 in fact I know a 2000 model in Sale that the owner would seriously look at $3000 and with much lower k's.
  9. The knocking is just a weird sound that the clutch makes at idle... completely normal. Pull the clutch in and it should stop. If not.. there's something else wrong with it.
  10. I almost bought a 92 zzr250 for 3300 n had 34000kms n didnt have a scratch on it. n it came with full years rego n roadworthy.

    do you even get a roadworthy? if not u might want to consider it again, might cost you even more to get it on the road + rego
  11. Unregistered? Bent bar? I'd offer him $1500 cash and walk away.

    Seriously, check out some other offers and see what they are going for. Don't be in a hurry, you'll end up doing something you will regret. Consider the LAMS options as well. Don't feel like this will 'get away from you', as it doesn't matter if it does; its not a good deal.

    Cheers - boingk