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Kawasaki's new tourer goes Power Ranger

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by typhoon, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. A couple of months ago when I first saw photos of the new Big K tourer, I thought it ugly.
    These close ups and detail photos are great, maybe the bike is growing on me. Doesn't matter though, I'll not be able to afford one! Maybe I'll wait 5 years and pick one up, and lose that horrible exhaust!
    Looks a great bike, beautiful castings/forgings, nice attention to detail. Panniers look stuck on, but hey, that's how panniers look on most bikes I guess.
    The specs look great/scary for this bike too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. What??? No cup holders?
    I demand cup holders!!!

    It's a big beast... at a glance you'd think it was designed by BMW
  3. It'd look better without those strakes.
  4. Yeah, it's a bit 80's Testarossa isn't it? I can see them being easily deleted pre production or first update.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Unless Kawasaki manage to screw this up, it should be one hell of a bike, since it is basically ZX-14, the Hayabusa-beater - just with shaft drive instead of the chain and a couple of body modifications. It should be comfortable, handle better than your average tourer, and sit all day at 250km/hr. Should be great on German autobahns!

    As for the looks... well, it is supposed to be a tourer so it should provide good protection from the elements, and it needs luggage. Exhaust is the way it is because they have to comply with Euro III - deal with it.
  6. I agree, actually. On paper it's got everything required to be an absolutely brilliant bike.
  7. God ...what is it with kawasaki and those dog ugly vents in the fairings...it looks bloody hideous...not to mention they then cary that detail onto the panniers...other than that it looks like a nice bike...just the designers need to go for a little less of the ricer look
  8. You know, that's exactly what I thought 3 months ago. Come back and look at it in a few months, you may change your mind (I did).
    They are not beautiful, but give the bike a purposeful look.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Looks like just the thing for Davo's next epic ride; say, Broome to Sydney via Perth.....

    You're right about the metalurgy, though, Andrew, some beautiful castings and stuff there... almost too nice to ride.
  10. Check this out: "The editors of US Rider News have named Kawasaki’s early-release ‘Concours 14’ as 2007’s “Best New Bike of the Year.†(Concours is the name they use in the States, we will know this bike as 1400GTR)

    They pick it as a bike of the year before as much as seeing it in the flesh, with nothing to go on but pictures and specs? This must be some kind of record... still, you've got to admire their confidence! They REALLY must like this bike :)
  11. There are a couple of pre production bikes available in the US, they have been ridden by dealers and the press.
    Apparently one is also out and about in the US doing real world testing.
    I have to see one in the flesh, but if I can get one at around $20k or less, well, I dunno what might happen!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. They do look allright, see a few idea's the same as the FJR, so obviously they are doing their homework.

    I would be a bit worried about buying the first model, however worth having a look at in a few years.
  13. Do you have my phone bugged :LOL:

    One will be at the Ulysses AGM at Coffs Harbour, although it will not be able to be ridden. (non ADR yet is the most logical reason why)