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Kawasaki zzr250 v's Honda VTR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by newrider, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. I am about to get my licence and have been learning on a new Honda VTR250. I have had read nothing but good reviews about this bike. Wondering how it compares to Kawasaki ZZR250. Trying to decide which to buy new?? :D

  2. The zzr has fairings the vtr doesnt...

    The vtr is a v-twin the zzr is a parallel twin

    Other than that they are pretty much the same...

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. I wanted a VTR as my first bike...but the COST is what led me to chose the ZZR 250.. it might be different now, but My ZZR was around $3500 for the 96 model with 25, 000 km on it :)
  4. I also wanted a VTR after having ridden them at the MTA, cost was too prohibitive, even one that is two to three years old attracts a price of only $1-2K below new
  5. VTR 250

    BEST BEGINNERS BIKE EVER, easy to ride and won't punninsh your mistakes
  6. Whoaaa talk about a blast from the past! Jan 2005

    Your're right though the little VTR rocks!
  7. Re: VTR 250

    :lastyear: x 4
  8. Plus one has 5 gears the other has 6.

    Both, good bikes, just depends what you want.

    Today it was hot and the air was dense and i was thinking i would prefer a little less wind protection and was thinking maybe i should have gotten a vtr.

    On the other hand on a 5:30 morning start in the middle of winter, i was thinking "darn i'm glad i've got a bike with fairings", as they stream some of the air around your body and legs.

    Riding long distances with mates its nice having some wind protection. my 2 cents.
  9. I just bought a VTR. At the time I was looking I was speaking to a guy who works in a bike shop who learnt to ride on a ZZR. He had since been on a VTR and said he wished he had gone for that as his first bike (for what its worth).

    I haven't ridden a ZZR so can't comment. Can you or someone you know have a ride of both at some stage? Probably the best way to decide.

    Best of luck.

  10. i havnt ridden a vtr but did have a spada and the one thing i wanted was some form of screen as constant freeway speed wind isnt the most pleasent thing. And i am currently liiking at buying a gpx or zzr for pricesly that reason.
  11. Both are top bikes although you cant get a new ZZR.
    I recommend you get a good used one and spend the rest of your cash on good gear, insurance and instruction.

    Plenty of time to buy a new bike when you get some experience :wink:
  12. from 05? :shock:

    Got a feeling no matter which he chose, newrider has prolly moved on to bigger and better things :p