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Kawasaki ZZR250 Motorbike Maintenance tips

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by adamsure, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. I'm a new rider and I recently bought a Kawasaki ZZR250 Motorbike.

    It's a 1997 Model.

    I've bought some gear for so far such as a pack rack and a bag to carry stuff, A KASK-LOCK for my Helmet, front wheel disc lock. A Jacket with protective padding, Gloves, and some Protective pants.

    Anyway my question is about Maintenance on such a bike. What items should I buy?

    Chain lubricant? Oil?

    The Bike just had a service when I bought it so it wouldn't even be a month.
  2. Yes & yes, both are a good idea.

    Both will also open up many cans of worms! Castrol 4T from supercheap is good oil, change it every 2-3K, filter can be changed every second oil change or every oil change, up to you. Lube you chain every 500 km or so, using whatever brand lube you want to use. Supercheap have a super sticky chain lube in a spray can which I actually prefer to the belray stuff I'm using at the moment, it's alot cheaper too. I forget what it's called though...

    Clean your chain with kero & a toothbrush every few lubes, or when you change the oil, then re lube.

    If you're mechanically inclined, you can check the carby sync, it's a very easy thing to do on this bike.

    Even if you're taking it to a mechanic for servicing, change the oil in between services your self, it's good insurance.

    It's a good little bike, look after it & it will serve you well!

    You might want to pop on over to the Welcome Lounge & introduce your self, but, in the meantime, welcome to Netrider! \\:D/
  3. chain lube and a tyre pressure gauge are probably the essentials. a little foot pump for the tyres and a can of something like motul wash and wax to give it a quick clean after a ride is good.

    edit. also get some oil in case you need a top up.
  4. some spanners and a ruler to do chain adjustments.
  5. Sorry, I don't have any maintenance tips, just wanted to say that it is a great bike. I have a '99 model and it goes like a dream. I get mine service regularly at a mechanic. I'm not confident enough to do the maintenance myself without someone stepping me through it the first time, scared I'll stuff it up.

    Here are some pictures:
  6. Got the 02 model, and apart from some shrub doing up fairing bolts so tight i had to damage the fairing to get them out - drilling and tapping not an option, its fantastic.
    Ive not long had a new chain and sprockets and brake pads, and also fitted a scottoiler at the same time. Love it!
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    Enjoy that bike mate, I had one for 18 months and thrashed the living daylights out of it. It still kept running though... They jump roundabouts well too :grin:

    My maintance is what was mentioned above; 3-4000km I changed the oil, every second oil change I did the filter. Lubes the chain once a week which wasn't really enough for my kilometers (900+ a week). As a result I went through 4 chains in 18 months - not cool. My first 3000km's I was slack of checking the oil (and the first motor was fairly rooted) and as a result blew it up. Kept the new motor topped up with oil and ran like a dream. Other then that I had it serviced once to have the carbs balanced, changed tyres when I rooted them and tensioned the chain when it needed it (well actually, not always, hence the problems, oh an the absolute thrashing, daily).

    Fuel it, oil it, water it if needed, chain tension it, oil filter it, thrash the coont out of it and you'll love it!!

    Welcome to motorcycling...!