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Kawasaki ZZR250 acceleration problem.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ddhanu, Dec 13, 2005.

  1. Hello guys,

    I am just a newbie to the world or motorbike. I need help with my Kawasaki ZZR250. I just bought it second hand about 3 weeks ago. I feel that the bike cannot accelerate as quick. After I stopped on the light, I needed to swith up to 3rd gear to get to 60 kph. When I am on the 2nd gear, the rev is started to slow down on 8000. Basically on the 2nd gear, I cannot go more than 40kph.
    Is this normal? Is there might be a problem with the engine? Or probably need some tuning.
    Please help.
  2. Have you put fuel in it since buying it? :LOL:
  3. clutch adjustment problem?
    it might have worked loose- this is what my bike did when clutch leaver had worked itself a bit loose.
  4. yeah it should do closer to 60km/hr in second then close to 90 km/hr in 3rd, if i remember correctly
  5. If you haven't already done it, remove and clean air filter, you'll find it under the seat near the base of the fueltank and next to the battery. You will have to undo the two bolts securing the tank and lift the tank slightly, but you will be suprised how much better they go when they can breath.
  6. It's not a great description but I will ask this one? Had you given your new baby a wash just before this started. A spray of WD-40 on the pugs or a night in the shed will fix it if that's the case. Otherwise it could be all manner of things and you'll need to give a detailed description of what actually happens. :)
  7. It's a tautology isn't it?

  8. It might be the fuel... When I first had my zzr similar thing happened to me...

    We found out that the fuel hose had a kink in it

  9. Yes I did. Actually I was stopped in the middle of harbour bridge last week, because I forgot to put the fuel. Until the RTA truck came and switched the fule to reserve. D'oh. But I learn about filling in petrol now.
  10. Thanks,

    Last weekend when my cousin serviced it, he hasn't changed the airfilter. I'll get that change. Hope it will make it fly better.
  11. Thanks,

    How do I adjust the clutch? Is it a rocket science stuff? If it is, I might bring it to a bike mechanic.
  12. Thanks stewy,

    What should I do with the WD40 and duct tape?
  13. Yeah, take it to a mechanic dude.... definitely a good idea... it should be fairly zippy...
  14. Thanks,

    A wash? No not yet. But she is always garaged. Basically, on the 2nd gear it can only goes to max 40-50 kph. 50kph will sounds really loud. 3rd gear goes to max 60-70 kph. Again 70 kph will sounds loud.
    What do you mean by spraying WD40 on the pug?
  15. Thanks,

    I'll have a look at that.
  16. In my case all I needed to do was screw the washer coming off the lever, in a bit. I can get you a pic if need be.
  17. Actually looked at the speedo on the way into work today and WOW, actually does 80 in 2nd and does a bit more in 3rd :wink:
  18. I would recommend taking it for a proper service and mentioning your problem to the mechanic. Little ZZR should be much more responsive than what you have at the moment.

    I was blown away with the last service done at Floyd Parkes Kawasaki and improved power and throttle responsiveness, and I thought that the bike was perfect before. Money definitely well spent and you can watch the work done on it while you are waiting.
  19. Just read this after searching for fuel consumption info for the zzr and its made me paranoid..

    When I'm in a fuel conservative mood I shift up at 6000, and this equates to being in 6th gear ALOT of the time. I don't know if thats normal for a zzr250? Basically if I'm going 60 and in 6th I'd be somewhere between 5-5.5k revs. At 80 I'd be close to 6.5-7.

    Anyone else ride so high gears? Obviously I shift down when I need power, but just concerned my bike's performance isn't up to standards after reading this. Another reason for why I go to higher gears is because its alot quieter and I find the louder noise intimidates me and makes me slow down. The less noise, the easier I find it to take corners at non-sad speeds.

    Its 2002, 19000kms in pretty good condition, fresh fluids.. except for the chain, which I only lubed today after not having done it in 1500kms.