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Kawasaki ZZR 250 mods

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Raiz, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. >hi, i was thinking of modding my bike but i dont know what to do.im thinking of changing the pipes and slap a new paint job.what else can i do?does changing the pipes a good idea?thx

  2. Hi Raiz, Not much you can do to help a 250, I upgraded the pipes on my baby "Z", but more for the sound and the safety factor rather than improved performance. The pipes may help marginally but at least it sound like it's going faster....... You don't say where your located but if your in Melbourne we may cross paths and you can at least hear what a Z sounds like with better pipes.
  3. The ZZR 250 is NOT a preformance nor a sports bike.. hance any preformance mods are going to be experimental and expensive...

    You can change the End Cans but that will only change the sound... you could try to get/make custom exhaoust system, 2 in 1 that might give you a bit more power at the top of your rev range but it will kill the power at lower RPM. Also the air filter could be changed to something that breathes better...
  4. dont waste you rmoney on your 250. save it to put towards your big bike. a 250 is not going to go any better than it does. i had a zzr as well and yeah they become boring and slow, better of leaving stock.
  5. Some Bling for ya buck

    Throw some slip ons on the bike
    Get a hugger
    Connect some NOS
    Get a GPS
    Get a custom Paint Job
    Get the wheels polished
    Put a PCIII on board
    Get some super sticky tyres like some Diablo's
    Change ya sprockets to smaller at the front an bigger at the back
    Throw a turbo on
    Ya just have to have a steering dampner
    Get rid of those poxy brakes and put some Brembo's on
    Get some Ohlin's suspension on the bike
    and don't forget the fluffy dice and you should be

    Cheers 8)
  6. I got custom pipe put on my zzr and I just love it.. I have had it for a fair while now and people cannot believe it is a 250.. They think it is way bigger.
    Also by making it two into one.. I have managed to get a bigger top speed..


    Theres a pic of it

  7. Hey Lisa is that a 2 into 1 setup??? i.e. You only have the 1 can and no longer two??? If so did you notice any loss of power in the bottom end (taking off from start etc.) How much did it cost you??
  8. Jeez ... a loss of power in her bottom end is the understatement of the year!!
    Here's what teh custom pipe caused to happen to the ZZR shortly after the photo's she gave above was taken ....
    http://web.aanet.com.au/csls22/Us/oz_LisaPocketBike.jpg :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Ah.. Lisa, don't ya love it, my baby Z's a black beasty too, although I stayed with the twin pipes and fitted Megacycles... I've even been stopped at the lights next to another ZZR250 and he asked me what the 600 was like to ride. I just bullshitted along and said great mate
  10. Ok guys. There seems to be a bit of a misconception here.

    a 2-1 system shouldn't sacrafice bottom end. In fact a well designed exhaust, with appropriate rejetting should remove any holes in the rev range and improve total power and fuel efficency.

    It's only when you get to large capacity 4 cylinder that there is any debate about the ability of one can to flow the volume and as such it's top end you are worried about not bottom.

    If someone has lost bottom end by fitting an exhaust, one of two things has happend. Either the exhasut is poorly designed or the carbies need tuning to suit the exhaust. Or both.

    Raiz, to answer your question, Exhaust, air filter, rejet, larger rear sprocket, if you are not touring.

    Anthing else will be costly and may sacrifice reliablility( some things will others won't)

    You should get 10% in the mid-range and 10% is 10%.

    You won't get you money back (well very little) when you sell, however.
  11. nobby, any chance we can catch up, would love to hear how your bike sounds compared to my standard zzr. Like others have said the stoclk sound of the babay z isn't the most pleasing on the ear

    cheers stewy
  12. Yes it did loose some bottom end power.. Not that much.. But people who ride another zzr without the custom pipes notice it.. I just take off with a bit more throttle.. I get a higher top speed than other zzr's who I ride with...
    Personally I thinkit is an individual choice. There will always be people who say Don't spend money on a 250... I got that heaps.. But I wanted to like my bike. And having the standard pipes really made me want to not ride. I have my open licene so I can get a bigger bike at anytime. I have test rideen a lot of bikes. But at the moment I can't afford to upgrade. And it doesn't really bother me because I like the bike and I can stay with the bigger bikes through the corners.. Just not on the straights.. But anybody can riding in a straight line

    I also had my bike tuned to the pipe
  13. It's actually deep violet... Looks black... but when up close it is sparkly violet.. everyone loves it.

    Yep it is 2 into 1 = 1 exhaust. LOL


  14. What you should have tried is a 3.5" oultet pipe like the zx12's

    That should help heaps, at least make it breathe easier.

    Theu are both Kwakas (it should work)


    :p :p :p :p :p