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Kawasaki ZXR250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. I am looking at buying a ZXR250 to hang onto for the next year or so... I was thinking this cuz I don't like the CBR series a great deal, plus I like the idea of a Kawasaki a bit more than a Honda, I have heard some good things about the ZXR250.

    Any idea's about how this bike handles, runs, power etc any pointers to help me find the best one, or a bike that is better that still looks just as good.

  2. I went through the same thing 6 months ago when i bought my first bike. I was undesided as to either a cbr or a zxr i went for the zxr for one reason... comfort, its alot more comfortablle than the cbr for me that and who can really go past a kwaka :p If you havent ridden either yet i would ride both before making a decision. Looks are nice but comfort is also a big thing. who wants to ride for 2,3,4,8 hrs on a bike that looks great but hurts. kwaka all the way its a way of life not just a bike. On 2nd hand zxr250's in my exsperience choke cables can be sticky watch for them and in older models check the inside of the tank for rust fixing this will set you back a few hundred, eye for detail on 2nd hand bikes. or get it looked at by a pro


    hope that helps
  3. Thanks mcswaff... Well I plan on going bike shopping on Saturday, so I am hoping that I can find one that I am happy with, obviously I aint going to buy the first one I see, and I have a pro in the family mehcanical-wise, so I am alright there.

    I don't plan on buying a model that is very old, will only be probably 10 yrs old MAX, probably leaning more toward the 2000 or there abouts models.
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  5. Whoops hehe... My bad :oops: I didnt see it... I was having a look to see if there was one down the page... hehe... My bad... Cheers tho.
  6. well i can tell from experience because i have a zx2r(built in 04) and my bro has a cbrr250 (99 model) and i can say that the zx2r are sexier and is more comfy. the seats on the cbrr are too hard and the riding positing is more like a racing position. as for performance, the cbrr has short gear ratios compared to the zx2r although this does not affect the performance of the zx2r. the zx2r pulls away each gear and is alot quicker (cbrr 1st gear only 55 where zx2r close to 80).
    i have also noticed that the suspension is alot harder on the zx2r but the cbrr are better around corners.
    overall both bikes are awesome but i would recommend the cbrr coz they are easier to ride but go for the zx2r if u are more of a confident rider due to its suspension.
  7. The suspension is adjustable front and rear on the ZXR250, 7 stiffness setings on the rear, pre-load/compression and rebound on the front.
    If you thought the suspension was too hard it wouldnt take long to dial it in.
  8. Thought about a Hyo? hehe
  9. So how do we go about changing these settings then becasue myn are to soft for me any links or what not on how to change these settings

  10. Have you got an owners manual? tells all in there, if not...
    There are also compression damper scews in the bottom of the shocks, but I can only seem to find one on my left shock.

    The rear shock is also adjustable with #1 being sofest setting and #7 the hardest.

    MY settings are
    Preload - 2 notches from top
    rebound damping - 10th strongest setting
    compression damping - 6th (stock) strongest setting