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Kawasaki ZXR250 grey tubes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Darren, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Why does the KAWASAKI ZXR250 series have massive big tubes coming out of the fuel tank? Its the only bike i have seen that does that, and can u remove them?

  2. no u cant remove them
    the bike will ugly without them
  3. I read somewhere that they supply cool air to a plate or something on the head. I guess to help in cooling (although it is a water cooled bike). An air duct for the filter would be a logical guess, but apparently not.
  4. They feed air over the electronics unit in the front section. It's not Ram-air or any sort of engine induction, but you can pretend that it is (and tell others the same :LOL: ).
    As i understand it the electronics unit is covered by a metal heatsink, which the pipes direct the air onto/over to help keep it cool.

    Hope that helps
  5. They are called Space pipes.

    Please address them by their proper name in the future.
  6. RVF400's also have the "air vents" that are similar to the ZXR250. The ones on the RVF400 LOOK like they are to allow airflow onto the engine, etc. But they actually do nothing (the vents lead to a dead end ... pretty much). The race versions of the RVF400 body kit have them removed.
  7. BUT, the bike IS ugly with them on :p

    They seriously could have had a better cooling solution for the heatsinks :?
  8. My FZR250 had them as well.

    Airflow went into the frame, then there were holes on the other-side of the frame to the airbox. So I suppose they let air into the engine and did something.
  9. If I remember rightly, on the early ZXR750 they did feed to the airbox. Pointless on a road bike but did allegedly help on the track.

    Presumably they were kept on the 250 to maintain the family resemblance. Cooling the electronics is interesting but, I suspect, only an incidental benefit.
  10. Yeah personally i don't mind the look. It's something different, makes people ask. I wonder if you could re-route them to feed the airbox somehow...
  11. Nah.. the intake is down near your left knee.. It would be a pointless exercise. On another note, does anyone know where i can get a new pair, mine are cracked and split
  12. Or connect them to a compressed air cylinder and convert them to potato cannons :LOL:.
  13. Potato canons lol. Good times :LOL:
  14. They give the bike approximately 100 milliwatts extra power however gives the rider the mental ability to outrun anyone n a GSXR 1000, busa, or ZX14.

    Please be advise you must only wear sneakers and singlet top to maximise the 100 milliwatts.

  15. finally someone gets it right! :applause:

    but really, there just for extra airflow around the front (as far as i know), i've also heard there good for holding pizza box's while eating
  16. weird, "cracked and split" mine are metal, or it that just mine.?
  17. yeah mine are similar to vacuum cleaner hose with mouldings either end to attach to the front fairing and the tank
  18. mine too,
    afaik some bikes have aluminum and some have plastic
  19. so does anyone know where i can find some newies?? steel or plastic im easy
  20. I just bought an '88 ZXR250 and it has the steel/alu tubes (not the plastic ones).
    As for where to get them, try looking around your local bike wreckers, there's usually plenty of jap 250 bikes being ripped apart :wink: